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Meeting about Ubuntu-ZA July 2010

Convened at 2010-07-08 17:10:46.274723 by tumbleweed in #ubuntu-za on freenode


  • nuvolari
  • Gustav H Meyer (inetpro)
  • Maia Grotepass (maiatoday)
  • David Rubin (drubin)
  • Hannah Snyman (mrs_fly)
  • magespawn
  • SubOracle

  • dwidge
  • Michael Gorven (cocooncrash)
  • Gerrit Maritz (gnmza)
  • Raoul Snyman (superfly)
  • highvoltage
  • Wesley Werner (wezley)
  • Stefano Rivera (tumbleweed)
  • morgs


  • Review previous minutes
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Ubuntu User day - 10th July
    • Ubuntu Developer Week - 12th July
    • CLUG Beginner talk - 13th July
    • Global Jam - 27th - 29th August << Needs owner/driver

    • Software Freedom Day - 18 Sept
    • Maverick release party - 10 Oct (10.10.10, we can't miss this!)
  • Activity in other centers. CPT/Stellenbosch seems semi active try get others involved.
  • Website. Reviews/ Posts
  • schedule regular meetings (doodle poll for time - day)
  • Put a list of things we can do on a semi regular basis together, and then see about committing to actually doing some of them ;-)0
  • What can we do to drive up community / development involvement by Ubuntu-ZA members
  • Some possible online/IRC activities (for discussion in the meeting - just jotting them down before I forget them):
    • Ask a Techie: A panel of sysadmins, developers, etc. answers your questions (ideal for "newbies" who don't understand some of the terms thrown around in Ubuntu)
    • How to set up a web server
    • How to set up a file server and file sharing
    • How to set up a database server (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
    • How to set up a site using Drupal
    • How to set up a simple network with DNS and DHCP



[17:10:46] STARTED (tumbleweed)
[17:13:54] TOPIC: previous minutes (tumbleweed)
[17:20:17] TOPIC: Upcoming Events (tumbleweed)
[17:23:27] IDEA: do similar idea to Dev week but host locally with familiar faces and people (drubin)
[17:33:59] IDEA: maiatoday will write summary of events and post to list and website (drubin)
[17:38:01] AGREED: We need to plan talks for Global Jam tumbleweed, maiatoday, drubin to help plan (drubin)
[17:48:26] AGREED: wezley Will do an ubuntu hour in Durbs (drubin)
[17:48:46] AGREED: tumbleweed will make Ubuntu hour in CPT happen (drubin)
[17:53:56] TOPIC: Website. Reviews/ Posts (tumbleweed)
[17:55:05] AGREED: maiatoday Will write report back on website (drubin)
[17:56:44] AGREED: We need to keep updating the website more often (drubin)
[17:57:18] TOPIC: schedule regular meetings (drubin)
[18:02:03] AGREED: meeting will happen on the 3rd Thursday of every month. (drubin will update the Gcal0 (drubin)
[18:06:52] AGREED: wezley Will email the list to find a time for meeting (drubin)
[18:08:30] TOPIC: other activity in other centers (drubin)
[18:17:37] TOPIC: What can we do to drive up community / development involvement by Ubuntu-ZA members (drubin)
[18:30:50] AGREED: we will at least start planning events(meet ups/ubuntu hours) in each city/center by next meeting (drubin)
[18:33:30] AGREED: we will embed gcal on website http://pastebin.com/a3spjkDT (drubin)
[18:41:09] AGREED: SubOracle and superfly will look into a calendar solution possibly Drupal + Gcal (drubin)
[18:42:55] TOPIC: Online Activities and IRC discussions (drubin)
[19:03:02] ENDED (drubin)


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