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Meeting about Ubuntu-ZA 18 October 2010. Meetings are held every 3rd Monday of each month, 19h00 UTC+2 in #ubuntu-za on irc.freenode.net.


  • Introduce new members (inetpro)
  • Review minutes of previous meeting

  • Do we need another doodle poll for meeting times?
  • Feedback from release parties
  • Reminder to put links with pics and any news on Monthly report page
  • Website security updates (drubin)
  • Agenda item 2 (TopicLeader)

    • More details (optional)


Convened at 2010-10-18 17:06:16.158447 by drubin in #ubuntu-za on freenode

[17:06:16] STARTED (drubin)
[17:15:09] TOPIC: meeting times (drubin)
[17:19:19] AGREED: next meeting will be scheduled at 7:30pm on monday as well (drubin)
[17:20:27] AGREED: next meeting will be scheduled at 7:30pm on monday 15th November (drubin)
[17:21:13] TOPIC: feed back on release parties (drubin)
[17:26:26] AGREED: helger will get pics from JHB one (drubin)
[17:34:15] TOPIC: Ubuntu-ZA drupal security updates and backups (drubin)
[17:37:27] AGREED: superfly and drubin will look into Gcal module for ubuntu-za (drubin)
[17:37:54] AGREED: drubin will try restore a backup by the end of the week (drubin)
[17:41:12] ENDED (drubin)

Helge Reikeras (helger)
Maia Grotepass (maiatoday)
David rubin (drubin)
Dewald Noeth (Queery)
Hendrik (Tonberry)
Raoul Snyman (superfly)
Stefano Rivera (tumbleweed)
Sifiso Mnkandla (Rodemire)
Morgan van Dyk (Morganvd)


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Raw Log

[17:06:16] <drubin> Maaz: Start meeting
[17:06:16] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[17:06:18] <tumbleweed> that actually works for me
[17:06:39] <drubin> Hey Every one. Agenda is located
[17:06:44] <drubin> Maaz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20101018
[17:06:44] <Maaz> drubin: Excuse me?
[17:07:29] <drubin> So first off welcome to the new guys.
[17:07:50] <drubin> Meeting is pretty informal and any one is free to join in and give comments and suggestions. Even encouranged.
[17:08:01] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[17:08:01] <Maaz> superfly: Righto
[17:08:12] <tumbleweed> Maaz: I am Stefano Rivera
[17:08:12] <Maaz> tumbleweed: Righto
[17:08:22] <drubin> So introduction to the bot. :) Say his name "Mazz: I am <yourname?"
[17:08:28] <drubin> Maaz: I am David rubin
[17:08:28] <Maaz> drubin: Alrighty
[17:08:33] <Queery> maaz: I am Dewald Noeth
[17:08:33] <Maaz> Queery: Okay
[17:08:51] <Rodemire> Maaz: I am Sifiso Mnkandla
[17:08:51] <Maaz> Rodemire: Okay
[17:09:12] <drubin> Does any one have any questions so far?
[17:09:16] <Tonberry> Maaz: i am Hendrik
[17:09:16] <Maaz> Tonberry: Done
[17:09:23] <maiatoday> Maaz: I am Maia Grotepass
[17:09:23] <Maaz> maiatoday: Okay
[17:09:39] <helger> Maaz: I am Helge Reikeras
[17:09:39] <Maaz> helger: Sure
[17:10:11] <drubin> Great we have some new guys :) always good to see new faces/nicks
[17:10:32] <drubin> So agenda from last meeting (at least the summary) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20100920#Agenda
[17:10:43] <Morganvd> mazz: i am Morgan van Dyk
[17:10:51] <Morganvd> maaz: i am Morgan van Dyk
[17:10:51] <Maaz> Morganvd: Righto
[17:10:51] <tumbleweed> thankfully we didn't decide to do much last meeting :)
[17:10:59] <drubin> Morganvd: Sorry.
[17:11:09] <Morganvd> kewl
[17:11:30] <drubin> I can give a quick update on the Maverick CD's... I have requested them but nothing has arrived yet. If they aren't here by Wed I will contact canonical
[17:11:57] <nuvi8ivun> hi guys
[17:12:20] <drubin> And an update on the books we got. They were given out at the release party with the provisor that the person that takes them on needs to accept postage to the next guy.
[17:12:46] <drubin> We still need to write a wiki page explaining what books we have and who currently has them.
[17:12:48] <nuvi8ivun> will it be possible to resize a swap partition (make it bigger) over an ext4 partition? The ext4 partition is not empty
[17:13:13] <tumbleweed> nuvi8ivun: we currently have a meeting in progress, can this wait an hour?
[17:13:32] <nuvi8ivun> ooi, sorry I forgot about the meeting
[17:14:02] <drubin> Rest of last agenda was just report backs.
[17:14:41] <tumbleweed> we did have some release parties...
[17:15:01] <drubin> lets stick to the order that is on the wiki
[17:15:09] <drubin> Maaz: Topic meeting times
[17:15:09] <Maaz> Current Topic: meeting times
[17:15:19] <tumbleweed> drubin: oh, missed that as an agenda item
[17:15:43] <drubin> So I am not sure who made this but I think the benefit of having the meetings at a fixed time is a good thing Unless we think we will get better turn out by moving them?
[17:16:07] <superfly> a fixed time is fine for me, but 7pm really doesn't suit me
[17:16:15] <tumbleweed> drubin: well, we'd probably get a different bunch of people at a different day+time
[17:16:32] <tumbleweed> drubin: obviously this time (mostly) works for everyone currently here or they wouldn't be here
[17:16:47] <drubin> I am fine with moving it but this was the time that people said on the doodle.
[17:16:53] <maiatoday> I did because I had a feeling people wanted it different but it is just a question
[17:17:04] <drubin> and honestly I don't see us getting move people (other then superfly)
[17:17:22] <drubin> most people can't do during work hours.
[17:17:25] <maiatoday> Ok then we move along
[17:17:27] <superfly> drubin: what about moving it just 30 minutes later?
[17:17:33] <drubin> I am fine.
[17:17:38] <tumbleweed> works for me.
[17:17:49] <helger> works for me too
[17:17:50] <drubin> How about next meeting is at 7:30 same date and we see what the turn out is.
[17:18:04] <Queery> second
[17:18:08] <drubin> I am sorry to be dictator like but people don't fill in doodles or they do and don't pitch up.
[17:18:10] <tumbleweed> I'd say unless we get people complaining that they can't make the meeting - we leave it on mondays
[17:18:30] <tumbleweed> also, every time we put out a doodle poll, less people will pay attention
[17:18:34] <Rodemire> 7:30 is okay by me, i second it
[17:18:40] <superfly> drubin: I agree
[17:18:56] <maiatoday> Mondays ok 7:30 ok too for me
[17:19:19] <drubin> Maaz: agreed next meeting will be scheduled at 7:30pm on monday as well
[17:19:19] <Maaz> Agreed: next meeting will be scheduled at 7:30pm on monday as well
[17:19:29] <drubin> what date though ;/
[17:19:44] <superfly> the 15th?
[17:20:27] <drubin> Maaz: agreed next meeting will be scheduled at 7:30pm on monday 15th November
[17:20:27] <Maaz> Agreed: next meeting will be scheduled at 7:30pm on monday 15th November
[17:20:49] <Queery> awesome
[17:20:52] <drubin> ok moving alone.
[17:20:56] <drubin> along*
[17:21:13] <drubin> Maaz: topic feed back on release parties.
[17:21:13] <Maaz> Current Topic: feed back on release parties
[17:21:27] <drubin> Did any one actually attend a release party not in Stellenbosch?
[17:21:57] <Rodemire> Yes, I attended one in Johannesburg, at the LSD offices.
[17:22:01] <superfly> highvoltage ;-)
[17:22:28] <maiatoday> yay for gauteng
[17:22:36] <highvoltage> superfly: you make me nervous when you smile at me with no context :)
[17:22:53] <Kerberos[Heimdal> highvoltage: :D
[17:22:56] <maiatoday> Did the pretoria one happen?
[17:23:04] <superfly> highvoltage: hehe, the context was "<drubin> Did any one actually attend a release party not in Stellenbosch?"
[17:23:16] <drubin> or marcog
[17:23:19] <Rodemire> No, they cancelled last minute and rescheduled it to the 16th.
[17:23:35] <Queery> of november?
[17:23:39] <Rodemire> They did it this past weekend.
[17:23:41] <highvoltage> aaaaaaah
[17:23:46] <drubin> Rodemire: did you manage to go?
[17:24:03] <tumbleweed> does anyone have any photos / writeups from these parties? It would be great to see them on the planet
[17:24:06] <highvoltage> Pretoria, Midrand, Jo'burg, Cape Town and Stellenboch \o/
[17:24:23] <drubin> tumbleweed: I do. and I will blog about it but was waiting for your pics.
[17:24:30] <highvoltage> If I didn't had so much to do on release day last week I could've added Montreal too :)
[17:24:36] <tumbleweed> drubin: I meant the non-stellenbosch ones
[17:24:36] <Rodemire> I attended the one at the LSD offices, the offices are about 10minutes from where i stay :-)
[17:24:50] <Queery> I can also help with some stellies pics
[17:24:55] <drubin> Rodemire: Wooohoo did you manage to take any pics?
[17:25:07] <highvoltage> oh sorry, the Pretoria one was an SFD, not a release party :-/
[17:25:53] <maiatoday> Pics came through on the ml they are in the monthly report I think
[17:26:07] <tumbleweed> drubin: (pulling photos off my camera now)
[17:26:10] <helger> know someone who attended Joburg one that is not here. I'll ask for pics
[17:26:26] <drubin> Maaz: agreed helger will get pics from JHB one.
[17:26:26] <Maaz> Agreed: helger will get pics from JHB one
[17:26:56] <Rodemire> drubin: Yep, we took pics, they are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/zerlgi/UbuntuMaverickrRleaseEventAtLSD
[17:27:09] <drubin> Rodemire: Thanks.
[17:27:35] <drubin> Oops... there's nothing to see here. Either you do not have access to these photos... :(
[17:27:40] <Rodemire> drubin: I hope i got the url right, i typed it out from my phone.
[17:27:57] <Tonberry> the url worked for me
[17:28:00] <drubin> Rodemire: Nice work I will look under his name
[17:28:40] <drubin> http://picasaweb.google.com/zerlgi/UbuntuMaverickReleaseEventAtLSD# that works..
[17:28:55] <drubin> Tonberry: There was a typo in the original url.
[17:29:02] <Rodemire> Thanks drubin, had mispelt it.
[17:29:03] <Tonberry> strange
[17:29:03] <drubin> awesome we have some stuff to blog about! thanks Rodemire
[17:29:10] <Tonberry> my browser did not seem to care
[17:29:15] <drubin> crome might do dodgy things.
[17:29:34] <drubin> Rodemire: Loooks like there were lots of new faces
[17:29:51] <Rodemire> drubin: I also have a couple of photos on my camera but i didnt know where to post them. Where can i do so?
[17:30:06] <drubin> Where are we posting pics now days?
[17:30:25] <Rodemire> drubin: Yes, every face there was new, it was my first release party.
[17:30:48] <Queery> picasaweb aparently
[17:30:49] <drubin> that is a good thing.
[17:30:52] <Queery> hehe
[17:31:43] <drubin> Ok moving on?
[17:31:47] <Kerberos[Heimdal> nice shirts
[17:32:41] <Queery> looks like they had better weather than stellenbosch
[17:32:53] <Kerberos[Heimdal> we had a webcam :P
[17:32:59] <Tonberry> indeed @ weather
[17:33:00] <drubin> but we had more meat.
[17:33:09] <drubin> and cake.
[17:33:12] <Queery> and a cake
[17:33:34] <helger> and beer
[17:33:45] <Kerberos[Heimdal> and a projector with irc
[17:33:51] <drubin> 2nd last topic was a reminder to blog and update the team report. Which I am sure maiatoday and I will do at the next ubuntu hour (and any one else that wants to)
[17:34:15] <drubin> Maaz: topic Ubuntu-ZA drupal security updates and backups
[17:34:15] <Maaz> Current Topic: Ubuntu-ZA drupal security updates and backups
[17:34:38] <drubin> Ok I added this because I am slightly paranoid...
[17:34:49] <drubin> Has we tried restoring our backups?
[17:34:58] <superfly> drubin: we have backups?
[17:35:12] <drubin> and 2) how should we handle making sure security updates are always updated.
[17:35:13] <tumbleweed> we probably do
[17:35:17] <maiatoday> Tin foil hat is good after last time
[17:35:18] <drubin> superfly: yes. but never been tested.
[17:35:38] <Queery> last time?
[17:35:40] <drubin> ie we should have restore isntructions on the wiki.
[17:35:41] <Tonberry> what exactly happened?
[17:35:43] <superfly> drubin: there's a place in Drupal that sends out security notices
[17:35:58] <drubin> Ok so maybe we can enable that to go to the website admins?
[17:36:03] <superfly> we just need to set e-mail addresses
[17:36:04] <superfly> ja
[17:36:28] <superfly> I thought I had set them already, but perhaps I hadn't
[17:36:32] <drubin> email works well for me and if I get emails things generally mostly get done.
[17:36:35] <tumbleweed> drupal also has RSS feeds for security notices
[17:36:45] <tumbleweed> I'm subscribed to them (I run a bunch of drupals)
[17:36:46] <drubin> tumbleweed: but not all are relavent to us.
[17:36:58] <tumbleweed> drubin: of course
[17:37:02] <superfly> drubin: also, I still need to add that gcal module... haven't gotten there, I'm afraid
[17:37:06] <superfly> will look to do it this week
[17:37:27] <drubin> Maaz: agreed superfly and drubin will look into Gcal module for ubuntu-za
[17:37:27] <Maaz> Agreed: superfly and drubin will look into Gcal module for ubuntu-za
[17:37:31] <drubin> (just there for moral support)
[17:37:53] <Queery> hehe always needed
[17:37:54] <drubin> Maaz: agreed drubin will try restore a backup by the end of the week.
[17:37:54] <Maaz> Agreed: drubin will try restore a backup by the end of the week
[17:38:23] * tumbleweed just checked. we do appear to have up-to-date backups
[17:38:31] <tumbleweed> drubin: testing would be awesome :)
[17:38:48] <drubin> tumbleweed: updated backups are useless unless we can restore them.
[17:39:03] <drubin> also they aren't really backups because they over write each other. :(
[17:39:33] <tumbleweed> drubin: improvements to the backup system are welcome :)
[17:39:36] <drubin> tumbleweed: I assume we can use dreamcoat for backups
[17:39:38] <superfly> drubin/tumbleweed: what sort of backups are we talking about
[17:39:52] <tumbleweed> drubin: that's what we do
[17:40:03] <drubin> superfly: DB and www-root
[17:40:11] <tumbleweed> superfly: we have nightly automated backups on dreamcoat. But we only keep two days
[17:40:39] <superfly> ah, ok
[17:40:41] <drubin> You think we can keep a month?
[17:40:53] <Queery> or at least a week
[17:41:09] <drubin> and with that we ennnnd.
[17:41:12] <drubin> Maaz: End meeting.


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