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Ôlas. My real name is André Brandão and am known in the brazilian community as Zandre Bran, I'm 38 years old and living in Valinhos-SP. I am programmer. Since 2000, I own a small business for development programs. In 2004 met system Debian and 2006 fell in love with Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

In 2007, I signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and since then I have been helping and supporting the by the mailing list. In 2010 I had the initiative through mailing list to reactivate the documentation team Brazil. This is my second job today:)

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Working on

Mailing List Ubuntu Users - Brazilian

I regret not having any statistic, the count was done manually and represent an approximated value.

  • 2007: 238 posts answered.

  • 2008: 434 posts answered.

  • 2009: 250 posts answered.

  • 2010: 515 (until May) posts answered.

I developed a search plugin for Firefox to search the history list.

Doc-Team Brazil

In participation with Alysson Neto reactivate team for documentation in Brazil. Now, we are working on the formation of the group and are already seeing some "talents".

FLISOL - Campinas - Brazil

2008,2009 and 2010 promoted Ubuntu GNU/Linux in FLISOL - Campinas - São Paulo - Brazil.

What's next?

  • Continue supporting users in the mailing list.
  • Work more in the doc-team.

And of course, continue my study Ubuntu and binging more English Wink ;)


These people are some of the friendships I made during these years in the community. Some helped in its initiation in Ubuntu and others have helped me in my beginning. Thank you all.

  • Zandre is a extensive collaborator in the ubuntu-br list, a friend that always give to aid in the solution of problems and doubts. In constant activity for the maintenance of the good behavior of the members and for the organization of the topics, more than a voluntary collaborator, Zandre is, above all, a dedicated member of this comunity. -- Nethell

  • Zandre Bran is a very participative member of the mailing list Ubuntu Brazil. He is always ready to help in various issues arising. It has all the patience needed to help in solving a problem, sometimes relentless in pursuit of solving it. In my case, I am visually handicapped Zandre Bran helps me a lot because many times, he seeks answers to my questions that I need reminding of responses that lead me to site or applications that are accessible to screen readers. I have much to thank for my knowledge ZandreBran participation in mailing list Ubuntu Brazil Greetings. -- Fabiano Garcia Fonseca <fabiano [at]>

  • Zandre Bran has a very intensive participation in ubuntu-br mailing list, always bringing answers and advices to the questions, especially to newbies questions. He is always concerned with organization and politeness in the mailing list, sending messages showing examples of broken topics and confusing conversations. -- Xisberto

  • Thanks to people like him to make the brazilian documentation team a reality once again. -- Ayrton Araujo

  • I've been watching Ubuntu-br mailing list and I see his very active participation, always friendly and the more helpful as possible. I support ZandreBran to be an Ubuntu Member, certainly that would be much valuable for the entire community. -- Ursula Junque (Ursinha)

  • ZandreBran member is participatory and helpful through the aid of the same documentation I started my journey in responding to questions and doubts. As part of your profile, demonstrates sympathy, education, kindness and great satisfaction in helping others. So I want to record not only my support, but the great satisfaction of seeing ZandreBran as an official member of Ubuntu due to their planting and dedication to the Ubuntu universe. -- Graciously Gustavo Brandao

  • I see a lot of Ubuntu-br mailling list participation. And I've liked him efforts to helps the Brazialian Docteam. I support him to be a Ubuntu Member Wiki André Gondim, LP André Gondim

Ubuntu Membership Approval

Jun 17 21:17<pleia2>    [TOPIC] ZandreBran membership
Jun 17 21:17<MootBot>   New Topic:  ZandreBran membership
Jun 17 21:17<ZandreBran>        Hi Everyone, my name is André Brandão I´m 38 years old, I´m a programmer and have been using ubuntu since 2006; my nick name is the Brazillian community is Zandre Bran (
Jun 17 21:18<ZandreBran>        In 2007, I signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and since then I have been helping and supporting the usersin the brazillian discussion list by the mailing list. I develoiped a plugin for firefox and on my website you can find a direct search for the list.
Jun 17 21:18<ZandreBran>        Currently, with the help of Alysson Neto we are reactivating the documentation team of Brazil, and are in the process of distrubuting the work more organised way because the team is formed. This is my second job today:) 
Jun 17 21:18<ZandreBran>        i am also working with Fabiano Fonseca, we are making a remix of ubunto named it is like "VINUX" is for people having dificiency visua, the "ORCA" cofigures from the start of instalation for the Portugese language.
Jun 17 21:18*   Ursinha` is now known as Ursinha
Jun 17 21:19<dudanogueira>      Ursinha: :)
Jun 17 21:19<ZandreBran>        This is it, a resume of my work in the Ubuntu brasillian community, any questions?
Jun 17 21:20<pleia2>    lots of great testimonials :)
Jun 17 21:20*   pleia2 likes to see!
Jun 17 21:20<Ursinha>   I have no questions, but if you allow me I'd like to point the great work ZandreBran does for the Brazilian community
Jun 17 21:20<ZandreBran>        pleia2, thank toy
Jun 17 21:20<ZandreBran>        you
Jun 17 21:21<dudanogueira>      ZandreBran: I took a close look on your mailinglist answers. I really liked it. It's an example of who it should be done.
Jun 17 21:21<pleia2>    Ursinha: oh certainly
Jun 17 21:21<dudanogueira>      Precise, polite, with good informations and pointing to the right resources. Congrats :)
Jun 17 21:21<Ursinha>   what dudanogueira said
Jun 17 21:21<Ursinha>   I wish we had more of those :)
Jun 17 21:21<dudanogueira>      Ursinha: just said hi :) Need to talk with you later :)
Jun 17 21:21<easter_egg>        ZandreBran is a good guy :)
Jun 17 21:22<ZandreBran>        :)
Jun 17 21:22<Ursinha>   dudanogueira, sure, ping pvt later :)
Jun 17 21:22<dudanogueira>      ZandreBran: are you willing to help the ubuntu-br on the "administrative" matters?
Jun 17 21:22<maco2>     wow yeah your testimonials rock :)
Jun 17 21:22<Ursinha>   ZandreBran, you won't be forced to, we just need reinforcements :)
Jun 17 21:23<ZandreBran>        dudanogueira, yes, or not. this is one of my goals when I entered.
Jun 17 21:23<dinda>     ZandreBran: wow, that sounds like a great project, - great work there
Jun 17 21:24<ZandreBran>        dinda, thank you
Jun 17 21:24<maco2>     ZandreBran: are you involved with the ubuntu accessibility team at all?
Jun 17 21:25<maco2>     ZandreBran: or for that matter... are you aware that its starting back up after a couple years of being in a coma?
Jun 17 21:26<ZandreBran>        maco2, no not yet the project is very young
Jun 17 21:26<Pendulum>  ZandreBran: come join us in #ubuntu-accessibility
Jun 17 21:26<maco2>     ZandreBran: you should join #ubuntu-accessibility and talk to Pendulum. she seems to be running the show as regards getting a11y working decently in ubuntu
Jun 17 21:26<maco2>     wahh im too slow!
Jun 17 21:26<pleia2>    [VOTE] ZandreBran membership
Jun 17 21:26<MootBot>   Please vote on:  ZandreBran membership.
Jun 17 21:26<MootBot>   Public votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot
Jun 17 21:26<MootBot>   E.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting
Jun 17 21:27<pleia2>    +1
Jun 17 21:27<maco2>     +1
Jun 17 21:27<MootBot>   +1 received from pleia2. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 1
Jun 17 21:27<MootBot>   +1 received from maco2. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 2
Jun 17 21:27<dinda>     +1
Jun 17 21:27<MootBot>   +1 received from dinda. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 3
Jun 17 21:27maco maco2 Mamarok maxb mc44 mcas mdeslaur mdz merriam mhall119 MootBot mr_pouit 
Jun 17 21:27maco maco2 Mamarok maxb mc44 mcas mdeslaur mdz merriam mhall119 MootBot mr_pouit 
Jun 17 21:27<ZandreBran>        maco2, thanks for the tip
Jun 17 21:27<Pendulum>  maco2: no, I was being slow, I meant to say it earlier. (and I am aware of ZandreBran's project, just not of the details)
Jun 17 21:27<dudanogueira>      +1
Jun 17 21:28<MootBot>   +1 received from dudanogueira. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 4
Jun 17 21:28<pleia2>    [endvote]
Jun 17 21:28<MootBot>   Final result is 4 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 4
Jun 17 21:28<pleia2>    congrats and welcome dudanogueira! :)
Jun 17 21:28<dudanogueira>      thank you :)
Jun 17 21:28<dudanogueira>      hehehe
Jun 17 21:28<pleia2>    err haha
Jun 17 21:28<pleia2>    ZandreBran!!
Jun 17 21:28<pleia2>    congrats :)
Jun 17 21:28<Pendulum>  ZandreBran: congrats!
Jun 17 21:28<IdleOne>   Congrats ZandreBran
Jun 17 21:28<dudanogueira>      ZandreBran: welcome!!!!!! Crontags!
Jun 17 21:28<ZandreBran>        thanks all
Jun 17 21:28<dinda>     congratulations ZandreBran!
Jun 17 21:28<dudanogueira>      ops, Congrats :)

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