Zimbabwe Projects

Ubuntu-based OpenICDL Resources

This project is intended to eventually provide free training and testing material for OpenICDL in Zimbabwe (and maybe other countries?). It is our aim to provide manual training materials as well as free software to handle automated training and testing. Check out the OpenIcdl project page.

Brochures and Hand-outs

A brochure has been customised for Ubuntu Zimbabwe. Donation of printing services, or fund to get printing done, are required. As material is completed it will be added here: ../PromoMaterial

Freedom Toaster

Plans are in place to produce a Freedom Toaster to aid the distribution of free software in Harare.

Zimbabwe Mirror

A locally hosted Ubuntu repository mirror has been set up (free hosting kindly provided by Yo!Africa). This repository can be accessed on archive.ubuntu.org.zw.

Shona Translations

Contribute to Shona translations for Ubuntu here.


Email: <nit006.5 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>



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