The next version of Zope 3 will be known as BlueBream 1.0 and the last version, 1.0b4 was released on August 26. This gives us a stable set of packages and their versions at the right time in Maverick cycle, so we can package that and not chase a moving target.

Zope2 and Plone have been removed from Debian squeeze and sid, and will not be available in Maverick. But the next version, Zope 2.13 should be released in July 2010, and will be based on the same Zope Toolkit version, 1.0, as BlueBream 1.0. So the work that we do for SchoolTool will be useful for Zope 2.x, if anyone wanted to bring it back to Debian.

So, since the only application based on Zope in Ubuntu will be SchoolTool, we are not going to package every library in BlueBream, but only a subset that is needed by SchoolTool, plus libraries like z3c.form that are not included.


Packages were uploaded to the SchoolTool PPA for Maverick.

For Natty, all Zope/Natty packages needed for SchoolTool are now in universe.


Question: We have added several Zope packages to Lucid that were not in Debian (see SchoolTool/Lucid at the bottom). Do we continue this way or do we have to package to Debian first? Anyone a Debian developer?

Answer: MatthiasKlose said that we upload to Ubuntu with debian revision -0ubuntu1 and may also commit to the pkg-zope subversion repository with debian revision -1. If someone gets to upload this to Debian then good, will be synced to Ubuntu as well, but getting stuff into Debian is not our priority.


Question: There is a team that has some members but is not used. Another team, was automatically created when importing packages from Debian, and is automatically subscribed to bugs reported on zope packages, but not packages exclusive to Debian (e.g. zope.pagetemplate). This team is not owned by anyone.

Answer: Just ignore pkg-zope-developers, the Debian team, and use pkg-zope to subscribe all Zope related packages in Ubuntu. GediminasPaulauskas was made an Administrator of Ubuntu Zope team and all existing packages were subscribed.

The Ubuntu Zope team replaces an obsolete Zope/Plone MOTU Team.


van.pydeb is used by all packages to generate their dependencies and provides. There are two ways to use it, the preferred one is the debhelper 7 extension. However, the tool is not perfect, and is not a proper extension -- should be rewritten in Perl. We are not happy about it's behavior, e.g. namespace packages like added to the dependencies (LP: #619294), and setuptools requirement converted to python-pkg-resources dependency (LP: #563060).

A tool to compare packages needed by SchoolTool KGS, and packages available in various distributions and PPAs was written. It's called versionator and a bzr branch of it is available at . Part of it's output is copy&pasted to SchoolTool/Lucid. A more visual representation of current status in a nightly generated page should be created.

autopkgtest can be used for automated package testing, but no buildbot testing all the packages exists yet.

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