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An Ubuntu fan and contributor since 2005, I now work at Canonical.


Future Goals/Ongoing Work

  • Continued contribution to duplicity that helps Ubuntu users, particularly on backwards compatibility testing for Ubuntu releases.
  • Assistance, tutorials and guidance to Ubuntu users, particularly those on Azure.
  • Adding Prometheus metric exporters to projects (e.g. Sanoid) now that Ubuntu has chosen it for the Charmed Observability Stack.

  • I have been running a duplicity-based backup setup across multiple machines for many years and have recently converted this to a ZFS/snapshots/Sanoid/offsite Raspberry Pi/Nebula solution, all based on Ubuntu. I would like to document this as guidance for others with the same objectives.


If anybody happens to come across this page and feels like saying something nice about me, please add it below along with @ SIG @ (no spaces). The @ SIG @ command will sign your name and date/time it after you "Save Changes". It may help if I ever get around to seeking Ubuntu Membership.

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