About me

Abdelrahman bahaa eldin I'm 17, I live in Eltagamoa elawal New Cairo Egypt .I am Student at 3rd high school class .I hope To be a programmer((maybe game developer)). I am a big gamer . My programming languages are python and C++. I am active member in Ubuntu-eg.

I have been a Linux user since 2011.

My Contact Info


<abdobonna @ yahoo . com>

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My main interests are:

  • help people in Ubuntu-EG community
  • share Ubuntu with my family and friends
  • python & C++ programming

  • Attended events


  • Ubuntu 11.10 release party at faculty of Engineering, ain shams University,Saturday, October 22, 2011
  • EED 2011 Egyptian Engineering day in Nasr City .
  • i love Ubuntu (social media campaign September 2012) Facebook Event

  • Ubuntu meeting day in costa doki .
  • EED 2012 .
  • Elmansurah iftar .
  • home of elsehemy event .
  • EED 2013 .
  • EED 2014


  • making small programs to the public .
  • learn more about C++ and Python .
  • Marketing Ubuntu to everyone in Egypt .


Please place your testimonials below ending with your Ubuntu.com wiki page, or LaunchPad page if you have one. If you've neither, just leave your name and nickname. Thanks :)

  • Ubuntu I met Abdelrahman the first time in EED (Egyptian Engineering Day), he came to help us to spread Ubuntu and help others use it. He showed great enthusiasm and he is an active person always trying to help others. Also he is aware of opensource importance and with respect to his age , this is awesome. He deserves to be an Ubuntu Member. -- nadeen-spirit

  • Abdelrahman is a young man who has an open mind, ready to fight and struggle to learn and achieve goals he would like to do, i knew him from Facebook but then i met him in on of Ubuntu-EG meet ups. He wrote an application with a neat idea, called "Sites Finder", that was great and i hope more progressions and success for him. He spreads the word about Ubuntu in his school and hold events, which is very cool at his age. I really would like to see him a Ubuntu member. --Eslam Mostafa

  • Ubuntu Abdelrahman has been active for a long time on our facebook group and another Egyptian forum called MyEG. He's always trying to help out, learn more and give it whatever it takes. He tried to plan an Ubuntu-eg event for Ubuntu-eg @ his school, but unfortunately got canceled because of red tape. He's always there in meetings and events whenever he can. I believe he posses the spirit of our community. Good luck dude Smile :) --Ahmed Toulan


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