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I started using Ubuntu shortly after the release of Ubuntu 9.04 and have not looked back since. I spend most of my spare time contributing to the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps project which is the "Umbrella project for all of the core apps that will be available in Ubuntu on mobile devices".

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Andrew Hayzen


ahayzen on freenode



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  • Contributor to the Ubuntu Music App - since July 2013

  • Contributor to the Ubuntu Weather App reboot - since January 2015

  • Created a Volleyball2d game using Bacon2D and the Ubuntu SDK

  • Reporting bugs for Ubuntu Touch throughout the platform by using the Nexus 4 as a 'daily driver' since mid 2014
  • Reporting and triaging bugs in Unity 2D (via PPA in the 10.10 cycle)

Future Goals

  • Further my knowledge of C++/Qt so that I can assist more projects 'upstream' to me
  • Assist further coreapps in their development
  • Create more of my own applications for the Ubuntu Touch ecosystem


Note: If you have anything nice to say about me, please do add it below along with @ SIG @ (no spaces). The @ SIG @ command will sign your name and date/time it after you "Save Changes". Thanks Smile :)

  • Andrew has been essential to both growing the Ubuntu app developer community and to delivering the first ever Ubuntu phone. His work on the Music app has been short of impressive: he has consistently committed his time to the project, going above the call of duty, traveling around the world to sprints, and making it one of the flagship apps that are preinstalled on the phone. He has arduously gone through the pains of being one of the first phone adopters and a platform that was a moving target for... well, quite long Wink ;) He is very approachable, extremely knowledgeable on his domain and has been setting an example of distributed collaboration in the core apps team. It's great to have you in the Ubuntu community Andrew! -- dpm 2015-03-16 12:20:12

  • I've worked with Andrew on the Core Apps project for the last 18 months. Andrew has been great to work with. He's friendly, professional and conscientious with his contributions. He a self-motivated developer in need of only a little direction to get started on projects. During his interaction with other members of the project, both in the wider community and inside Canonical, Andrew has been adept in articulating his point and then working with others to resolve issues. Andrew has been a pleasure to work with, his contributions are valued and he would be most welcome as an Ubuntu member in my opinion. -- -- popey 2015-03-16 12:43:23

  • I've known Andrew as part of the core apps for well over a year now. He has consistently been a wonderful asset to the different development teams working on the core apps. Fun, jovial and a guy who gets things done. I heartily recommend him for ubuntu membership. -- nskaggs 2015-03-16 19:15:06

  • I've worked directly with Andrew for the past year and a half as the co-creator of the Music app project within the Core Apps suite of applications for the Ubuntu on Phones initiative. Andrew unquestionably joined the ranks of the team after tackling some of hardest problems plaguing the app at the time--over a year and a half ago. He has since become a driving force and decision maker for the direction and focus of the application's development. I personally can't think of anyone else who would have been able to fit the role any better. Andrew is thorough, works excellently alone or with a team, does terrific work, and can always grasp the bigger picture as the team decides what needs to be done in the future. Andrew also takes initiative and works with the various teams within the community and Canonical to help mitigate issues and ensure we deliver a quality product to end users. He also happens to be a really great guy and will prove to be an invaluable asset for that reason alone, not to mention his other qualifications, as he expands his contributions to Ubuntu. -- vthompson 2015-03-17 04:11:24

  • I've been around the #ubuntu-app-devel channel for about 5 months now and everytime I ask Andrew a question or for help he's been there to help me and other people as well. He is a awesome dev and a great asset to the team! -- aaronhoneycutt 2015-03-19 14:27:30

  • I can confirm and repeat everything that has been said above. Andrew is consistently helping new and old developers on IRC, on Google+, in person, pretty much everything. He is always courteous and helpful, he knows what he's doing and is always happy to share his knowledge. He should absolutely be an Ubuntu Member. -- mhall119 2015-03-19 18:33:55

  • Always around, always helping out, always enthusiastic. Andrew's help is great to have and it's great to see how he is interested in more than just apps (snappy for example recently) and how he's helping new contributors. Highly recommended for Ubuntu membership. -- dholbach 2015-03-20 15:37:14

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew on a number of projects and his enthusiasm to help is admirable. He possesses the qualities required of a Ubuntu Member like humility, contributing to Ubuntu and helping out others and being the ideal member in my opinion. I will happily endorse his application. -- nik90 2015-03-26 15:28:15

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