I am one of the older generation of computer users, born just after the end of World War II who can remember using DOS on old, large desktop machines which I had to use for work.

I am a graduate of Horticulture, but believe me, that does not mean I am fond of gardening; I do it somewhat under protest, using my muscle power, not much nor very powerful, leaving the arty side of it to my wife. My interests in horticulture were much more on the scientific side rather than the art.

I live in a small market town near Oxford, England, and I am now retired from my career in horticulture.

I have been using Ubuntu or its derivatives (Xubuntu, Kubuntu) almost exclusively since 2005, when I first found Ubuntu 5.04 or 5.10 and quickly realised that I no longer needed or particularly liked using Windows XP, though I now find that I have to make use of XP again as a virtual install to update my SatNav device.

I was already very used to the whole idea of open-source software as I had been using GIMP, Firefox and Thunderbird for some time even in Windows XP, and I was not one of those tied to using Microsoft Office; I had been using a free version of Lotus Smartsuite from a computer magazine DVD for a few years before I then started using Open Office.

We now live in a Windows OS free house, apart from my virtual install as I have also pulled my wife over to the Linux side, and she loves it!


I spend a lot of time browsing the ubuntuforums site and where I am able to do so, answering queries from other users; I remember well my feelings 10 years ago when I was new to Linux, was lost, and managed to find answers to my questions by searching those same forums. The forum was a life-saver as far as my new OS was concerned

I have been trying out the development versions of various of the *ubuntu family for a while now using virtual installs and reporting when something goes wrong using the launchpad bug tracking system, and I really enjoy the risks and element of uncertainty that follows from each new installation or daily package upgrade; will it still work? will something important have been broken? Great fun!

My interests include computing, though not coding as yet, travel, theatre and music, mostly classical, though I still enjoy what I would describe as "Prog Rock".

My wife and I have travelled extensively through almost every continent of the world except to the Arctic and Antarctic, but who knows, we may make it to them eventually.

I am a member of a local Amateur Dramatic Society, and another Amateur Operatic Society both of which are huge fun and at times very hard work.

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