Andreas "andol" Olsson

Contact information

  • Email/Jabber: <>

  • OpenPGP: 0xFAF2463A

  • IRC: andol @ freenode

  • Launchpad: ~andol



  • Active in the Swedish LoCo, being one of the server administrators

  • Translating package descriptions into Swedish
  • Doing triage work, primary on packages related to the server team
  • Participation in the Ubuntu Nordic cooperation

The Swedish LoCo

I've been a part of the Swedish LoCo since January 2008. Besides helping out some with support (forum, mailing list, irc), and a short tour as a forum moderator, my primary LoCo work is being done in the role as one of the server administrators. That I have been doing for almost a year by now.


In the beginning of the year 2009 I started helping out with the translation of Ubuntu into Swedish. So far my focus have been on translating package descriptions.

Bug triage

About the same time as I started translating I also began to look into bug triage. So far I have mostly been doing triage on bugs related to packages belonging to the server team. In a few cases I've also managed to fix the bugs in question and provide debdiffs to be uploaded.

Ubuntu Nordic

I'm helping out with practical matters concerning the Ubuntu Nordic cooperation. So far this covers maintaining the Nordic Ubuntu Planet and administer the mailing list

Future plans

One thing I definitely would like to accomplish is getting my LoCo more involved in the development of Ubuntu. Currently we are primary focusing on support, which is important. I would like to believe that we can do both. On a more personal note I hope to be able to do more work on fixing bugs as well as helping maintain packages.


Lars Ljung

Andol is an excellent system administrator and has proved to be an important asset to the Swedish Ubuntu community. He is eager to work with both technical issues and with the development of the community as a whole. He, if anyone, deservers an Ubuntu membership.

vulfgar (Lotta Rydberg)

Andol is a very active server-admin. Not only working with updates, trying new software and modules for various new functions of our website, but he also find time to give plenty of support to our forum members. He implemented Planet Norden, an all-scandinavian platform for Ubuntu and he is always very kind and helpful, a good representative for the Ubuntu spirit.

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