About Me

  • Born 1983
  • Married, 2+2 kids
  • Working in the boat building industry. Studying to become a maths/science teacher.
  • Timezone CET
  • Have been using Linux since ca. 2001
  • Kubuntu/Ubuntu since 2006
  • Using Ubuntu on laptops and a home server
  • Showing people the light by helping them ditch Windows in favor of Linux whenever I can.


  • Computers (free (as in freedom) software obviously)
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Beer (Brewing and drinking)
  • Hockey (Big fan of the local team: Rosenborg Ishockey Klubb)


Ubuntu activities/interests

  • Packaging unpackaged programs I come across, available on my Launchpad PPA
  • Helping out with bugs whichever way I can.
  • Testing Alpha/Beta releases
  • Co-maintaining the transmission PPA.

After packaging for Ubuntu and uploading to PPA's for I while, I switched to packaging for Debian instead. After a while, I found it easier to switch my desktop to Debian unstable as well. Still think Ubuntu is a great distro though.

Packages in Debian

  • PyPE - Python Programmers Editor
  • Transgui - A great remote control for transmission-daemon
  • python-easygui - A module for simple, very easy GUI programming in Python

Pending Debian packages

  • pyspread - Python spreadsheet application. (Hanging in the NEW que.)
  • checkinstall (ITA filed, waiting for sponsored upload.)
  • lastfmlib - Last.FM C++ scrobbling library. (ITA filed, waiting for a sponsor.)


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