Artoolkit on Ubuntu

This is the page for discussing ARToolkit *debianization* project.

What is it ?

Based on a initiative of Celso Providelo and Peter Antoniac, the project goal is to integrate the current production of ARToolkit Development Team into a high-quality Linux distribution like Ubuntu platform.

Our starting priorities are to apply efforts in higher modularisation, smarter configuration and code quality of the current available code.

The motivation behind this project is to make the current free development environment more accessible to non-experienced users, also promote a free, stable and reliable environment where the developers can ship their applications to the end users.

We see a lot of potential for educational application using AR resources in Edubuntu, or simply associated with high-quality, intuitive graphical platform like Kubuntu.


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Most of this project tasks are done via Launchpad infrastructure, specifications, bugs, branches, etc.

Further discussion happen in #artoolkit on

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