About Me

My name is Janne Jokitalo, but call me Jaska. Everybody does. I'm a finn, a wanna-be musician, and a long-time Ubuntu user/almost-developer. The first time I touched Ubuntu was in 2005 January, and I never went back. My actual participation in the development of Ubuntu and flavors began quite slowly, but now I want to make it bigger and more meaningful. Currently I'm going to concentrate more on making music, but I've been a programmer for most of my professional life, so I want to utilize those skills whenever I find something related to that, that's in dire need of fixing. Or who knows, maybe I'll come up with something totally new. Yeah...

Contact Information


I have been a part of Ubuntu Studio community for several years now. Over the years I've acted as sort of an integrator, or rather a handyman. Nothing major, but trying to make sure our releases got out in time, and in some sort of respectable quality. Usually I tended our seeds, packaged whatever was needed, tweaked configuration files.

I used to occasionally provide help on #ubuntu and #ubuntu+1 support channels (haven't used vanilla that much lately, but almost exclusively use a development release on the workstation), and especially on #ubuntustudio and #xubuntu. I tried to be helpful also on the corresponding mailing lists for users. This will now diminish heavily, though, what with the composing and all that guitar wankery.

As I typed above, I have worked on integration of Studio, and gained a decent knowledge on how the community utilizes bzr and UDD for the packaging.

For the quantal cycle I acted as the QA lead and release manager for Xubuntu, and as a QA contact person for Studio as well.

Future Goals

Gaining ground in the Ubuntu community, especially in the development part of it. Overall I'm interested about the whole process, but I still get that itch of wanting to have my hands working on the very insides. So yes, first becoming a MOTU, and then gradually moving closer to the core-dev side is in the works.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

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