About me

I'm Amin Bandali (or just bandali) and I'm an Ubuntu Contributing Developer. I'm a Software Engineer on the Desktop Team at Canonical, where I work mainly on the maintenance of Ubuntu's Firefox packages but also on other aspects of the Ubuntu desktop.

I'm a free/libre software activist and computing scientist by passion, and a software developer/engineer by profession. I wear a few hats around the GNU Project, including as GNU maintainer of Jami, and I'm also an ex-intern and current volunteer with the Free Software Foundation.


Currently I work mainly on the maintenance of Ubuntu's Firefox packages as part of the ~mozillateam and ~ubuntu-mozilla-security teams. I also sometimes work on other aspects of Ubuntu, such as merges/syncs of packages from Debian unstable and occasional +1 maintenance rotations.

Upstream of Ubuntu, I maintain Debian's opendht and jami/ring packages as a Debian Maintainer, and I've been expanding my contributions to other teams like gnome-team and emacsen-team and I'm working towards becoming a Debian Developer.

Membership applications

Future goals

Continue working on further improving Ubuntu and its derivatives, and help make them even more awesome.

Continue helping spread the joy of GNU/Linux and more generally free/libre software to even more people.


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