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Vancouver, Canada

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Pacific Standard Time (UTC-0800)

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About me

Historically an open source consumer (Enterprise operations), now also an open source contributor. An active Ubuntu Budgie team member since December of 2016 assisting with infrastructure, community, packaging, etc. Also a co-host of the Vancouver Linux Desktop User Group.

Positions in the Ubuntu Community:

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Team Member

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Release Manager - just signed up to help with release tasks.


  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Infrastructure

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Packaging

    Ubuntu Community Engagement VIA meetups (co-host), presentations, blogging, podcasts, fests ( LFNW )

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Community Support via IRC / Gitter

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Sponsorship Management

    Ubuntu Cross Project Engagement

    Ubuntu Snapcrafters ( Packaging and forums )

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Code (New)

    Ubuntu Release Management (New)

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Add Github/CI for the Ubuntu Budgie project builds, document and offer to any other flavours that may be interested.

    Ubuntu Planning a beginners deb packaging introduction, followed by beginners snap packaging introduction. Highlight the differences and where things are moving. To be presented at the Desktop LUP in approximately 2-3 months time.

    Ubuntu Increase my coding capabilities beyond automation to be able to contribute back where applicable.

    Ubuntu Build additional tool sets as needed for Ubuntu Budgie (OSS).

    Ubuntu Become more involved with packaging by learning the Debian process as well.

    Ubuntu Join the regional Ubuntu teams such as Ubuntu Canada and/or the more localised Ubuntu Vancouver


Work in Progress. Actively building.

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Ubuntu Dustin is key active Ubuntu Budgie team-member for the past year. He has been instrumental in developing the backend website infrastructure that Ubuntu Budgie depends on. He uses his knowledge of all things Ubuntu on our key social media outlets to help out the Ubuntu Budgie community.

Always willing to learn new things especially to help not just Ubuntu Budgie, but also other projects and upstream with the Budgie Desktop developers and their GitHub issue tracker. Dustin has taken an active role with the 17.10 alpha working with Lubuntu to organise and run with the Alpha 2 release schedule.

Dustin has been keen to get involved with debian packaging and has packaged several software packages for Ubuntu Budgie. He as also been working with the Snap developers and is actively bringing this key knowledge to Ubuntu Budgie to help us utilise and transform what we do in the new exciting snap packaging methods.

Dustin in my opinion demonstrates clearly all things that would make him an excellent Ubuntu member. As project lead of Ubuntu Budgie I'm more than happy to endorse Dustin's application. -- fossfreedom 2017-08-02 18:21:20

Ubuntu I spent a couple of hours talking with Dustin at Linux Fest North West 2017 where he explained he wanted to transition from a consumer of Linux and open source to a contributor. He has certainly made that change and is now an active member of the Ubuntu Budgie team, a Snapcrafter and contributor to a number of Linux related podcasts and discussion channels where he generously shares his knowledge and experience. Dustin is a great ambassador for Ubuntu and would make a fine addition to the ranks of Ubuntu Members. -- flexiondotorg 2017-09-12 17:44:31

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