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NOTE: Before I start, I'm only a Ubuntu Community member, not a developer/coder. I use Ubuntu Linux to get away from Windows and Mac. I'm a biologist that will most likely do research not developing programs.

My name is Svetlana Belkin and I'm an Ubuntu Linux user since 2009. I made the switch from Windows XP and found about Ubuntu from Lifehacker. I was casually involved since 2012 but I got more dedicated in 2013 When I started get involved, I tried to answer questions and to police Ask Ubuntu (link to my profile under contact information) for missing tags on questions and report questions that break the rules.

Around early 2013, I started to get more involved into the Ubuntu Community because I had ideas for new programs, but I'm not a developer who codes. I knew that I might get a lead on Ubuntu Women, since I am a woman and it is a smaller part of the Ubuntu Community. In July 2013, I joined the mailing-list and quickly discovered that I was not the only one that had a hard time finding a team to be part of or how get involved. This started my work on updating the Ubuntu-Women wiki and to create material to help other women to get involved. Then three months later, I joined the Ubuntu Documentation Team to also help keep the Ubuntu Community Help Wiki up to date.

The membership that I had the longest for a team was for Ubuntu Ohio. I joined in 2009, shortly after I made the switch, but I only started to get involved in 2013. As a member of the Ohio Team and a active member, I also act as one of the Points of Contacts for my LoCo in order participate the LoCo contacts mailing list to learn what other LoCo's are doing and share what my LoCo is doing.

I founded the Ubuntu Scientists team on January 16, 2014 since the Ubuntu Community does not have team for the scientists of all sorts. This team will act like Ubuntu Women in order to help people to get jobs the science FOSS field.

I also mentor at Linux Padawan- main focus is on Ubuntu Community building.

Member of

Ubuntu Ubuntu Women

Ubuntu OhioTeam

Ubuntu DocumentationTeam

Ubuntu Ubuntu Scientists

Ubuntu Ubuntu Leadership

Ubuntu Member of Membership Board

Ubuntu Lubuntu Admins


Current Work

Ubuntu Women

I am working on three projects in Ubuntu Women at the moment and all of these deal with helping women to to be involved with Ubuntu and FOSS world.

I am also one of the Ubuntu Women Blog Editors. Please see the "Past Work" section for what I wrote for the blog.

I am a Elected Leader of the team since Aug 6th, 2014

Documentation Team

I also am the Moderator of the mailing-list.

Ohio Team

As of December 18th, 2013, I am one of the deputies along with Unit193 and jamesgifford, under Delegation of Authority and that goes on.

Ubuntu Scientists

Work on setting up the wiki for the team and the founder/admin of the IRC channel.

Lubuntu Admins

I'm the General Manager of the Lubuntu sub-teams and within Lubuntu. I help folks to get things done.

Past Work

Ubuntu Women

Tried to start up Ubuntu Women Outreach Project.

Ubuntu Women Blog Editors: List of what I wrote

Ohio Team

Helped with writting the VerificationAppication2013

Tired to get virtual Ubuntu Hours (vUH's) used by the team. Our team members are scattered around our state and not that many live near each other and using the tools that can be found on the net would allow us to have Ubuntu Hours in a different way. The main tools that I'm talking is video/audio chatting along with IRC use.

Ubuntu Scientists

Founded the team and set up the IRC channel and the team wiki pages.

Ubuntu Leadership

Restarted the team in June 2014 and the team was handed over to me.

Lubuntu Admins

Started the team LaunchPad page and mailing-list.


In Person




Ubuntu UOS: 14.06- Was a Community Track lead and went to sessions via IRC or Hangouts/IRC

Ubuntu vUDS: For Trusy,14.03- When to some sessions via IRC or Hangouts/IRC

Ubuntu March 2: Ubuntu Documentation Day- I taught the wiki classroom session

Ubuntu April 22 to April 24: Ubuntu Open Week- I taught the Ubuntu Women session

Future Goals

Most of my goals will do with helping more people to get involved in the Ubuntu Community by helping them learning how to get involved and to provide them with to date documentation if they need support. This holds true for all of the teams that I am part of.

As for Ohio Team, I would like to reach out to my fellow Ohioan Ubuntu users and meet them in person.


Note: This section is for people to cheer or comment on this member.

In the short time I've been working with Svetlana, I could see that she is always willing to improve things. She is doing a great job as a point of contact on the Ubuntu-US-OH community, and her work always fulfuills your expectations. Congratulations, keep up the good efforts, and thanks for them! -- jose 2014-01-19 03:15:56

Svetlana is extremely eager to take charge and lead. As part of the Delegation of Authority being issued from 2013-12-19 02:19:17 due to my change in employment status that has some rather harsh terms of employment, she has taken a hard-charging lead along with Unit193 and jamesgifford as fellow deputies. As a deputy to the Point of Contact/Leader, Svetlana has already started her own initiative to hold virtual Ubuntu hours among other efforts. I am aware of the hard work she has put in as a member of the Docs team which show her commitment to Ubuntu as well. This is not an isolated surge of activity but rather continuing effort that will enrich the Ubuntu realm overall, I feel. I commend the application. -- skellat 2014-01-19 01:44:00

I work with Svetlana on Community Help Wiki and she has a tremendous passion for improving the quality of the communities documentation. She exihibits a tireless reserve of energy and an eagerness to contribute to Ubuntu. I believe her contributions are significant and sustained and warrant her being approved as an Ubuntu member. -- cprofitt 2014-01-19 15:30:20

As a member of the Documentation Team I have noticed Svetlana's dedication to improving the Ubuntu documentation. A proper documentation is important for attracting new Ubuntu users and community members, so thank you, Svetlana! -- gunnarhj 2014-01-19 21:09:32

As a member of the Ohio Loco team, I have noticed her hardwork and dedication to the Ubuntu community, and I highly recommend her for Ubuntu membership, her contributions are significant and sustained. --jamesgifford 2014-01-23

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