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I was born in 1982. I live in Székesfehérvar, and I work as an IT Specialist for an IT support company. I like to help for the beginners thats why I make a website for them.


László Noficzer (sh4d0w): I work at the same IT company as Balázs and see that he was asked to create the Hungarian Linux Community Page within the company. Balázs translated some articles from English to Hungarian, which was used by the's community many times. He involved not only in his personal site and blog but also in SKL-Project's website as a news administrator.

Gábor Királyvári (kiri): same as László mentioned above regarding beginner support. Balázs deals with the administration of our Hungarian Full Circle Magazine Translation website where Hungarian issues can be downloaded from (, performing well in his role since December, 2008.

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