The branding series of packages are a new effort in Karmic by ScottRitchie.

The goal is to have various default artwork replaced with special branded artwork in a simple and derivative-friendly way.


If the branding-ubuntu package is installed, then any program that has been "branding-enabled" will use the artwork provided by the branding-ubuntu package rather than its default. These image replacements are placed in /usr/share/branding in exactly the same way that their equivalents are located in /usr/share. For instance, the ubuntu-branded background for Gnometris is in /usr/share/branding/gnome-games/gnometris/pixmaps/gnometris.svg, while the default Gnometris background is in /usr/share/gnome-games/gnometris/pixmaps/gnometris.svg.

The branding-ubuntu package then renames the original files and installs symbolic links to the branded ones in their place; gnometris.svg becomes gnometris.svg.unbranded, and a new symlink to the branded gnometris.svg takes its place. This is done through the use of dpkg-diversions.

It is intentional that the branding-ubuntu package be replaceable with similar conflicting packages providing different branding, for instance branding-kubuntu. If necessary, branding-ubuntu could eventually be split into subpackages for filesize reasons, eg branding-ubuntu-main and branding-ubuntu-universe.

Adding branding

Any artwork file that is a candidate for branding need only be included in the branding package. File a launchpad bug against the appropriate branding package. If you don't have a piece of artwork yet, tag the bug needs-artwork

Possible packages to add branding to

  • splash screens of:
    • (./) Openoffice

    • (./) Eclipse

    • Gimp
    • Blender
  • about screens of inkscape and others
  • (./) card backs on solitaire

  • marbles in 4-in-a-row
  • (./) tiles in mahjongg

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