I, Cesare Falco, apply for upload rights for packages:

  • btpd
  • mame
  • mess (not in Ubuntu yet, will soon need syncing from Debian)


Cesare Falco

Launchpad Page

Wiki Page

None yet, sorry!!!

Who I am

I'm 41, living in Mantua, a small town in northern Italy. I'm currently employed as Application Developer in the ICT branch of an italian financial group.

My Ubuntu story

I've been an Ubuntu user since warty, moving from Debian. After some "private" packaging experiments, I started working as a contributor back in 2007. Time is always hard to find, but I'd like to help the community more, maybe even become a MOTU one day (but I still have so much to learn before!).

My involvement

Official maintainer for btpd and mame (formerly sdlmame) packages.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

The mame package. It takes a constant effort to keep it in sync with upstream, but I've really learned a lot with it. So I'm both proud of and grateful to it!


Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

Cesare has been maintaining these packages for years and interactions with him now are very smooth and he takes good care of everything. I would definitely trust him with upload rights.

Specific Experiences of working together

Stefano Rivera

General feedback

I've sponsored 3 uploads for Cesare, all for the packages he's requesting PPU rights for. He seems to have a good handle on these packages and be looking after them well for several years. I've usually been able to sponsor the uploads without any questions. 671358 had quite a bit of back and forth before I was the one to finally upload it.

Specific Experiences of working together








613652 619691


Required FFe.







657102 671358


Fabrice Coutadeur (fabrice_sp)

General feedback

Last time I sponsored an upload from Cesare was more than one year ago (mame), but I remember trusting him for mame, as I uploaded 4 times mame package for him, with no issues. I would also definitely trust him with upload rights for mame. I can't tell for btpd, as I did only one upload, more than 2 years ago.

Specific Experiences of working together


=== General feedback ===
## Please fill us in on your shared experience. (How many packages did you sponsor? How would you judge the quality? How would you describe the improvements? Do you trust the applicant?)

=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
''Please add good examples of your work together, but also cases that could have handled better.''
=== Areas of Improvement ===


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