About Me

I have Computer Technicians certificate from Control Data Corp and have been involved in IT for the past 20 years. I'm just embarking on a new business venture called WL ComputerWorx, opening date is August 1/2009.

I first became interested in Linux in 1998 when I saw RedHat 5.2 advertised in one of my suppliers price lists. I ordered a copy and a few days later received my boxed copy, I've been using one distribution or another every since. I first tried Ubuntu when I saw an ad for it on a web page, I ordered a couple of copies and couldn't get it to run on my hardware. I installed Ubuntu when version 6.06 came out and have been running Ubuntu as my primary os ever since.

I joined the Ubuntu Forums in March of 2006 and did quite a bit of lurking until the spring of 2008, when I decided to start helping users with their problems. I was asked to become a Moderator in April of 2009.

Contact Info

LaunchPad: ~cariboo

UbuntuForums: cariboo

Irc: cariboo907 on

Primary Interests

I spend most of my time in the next release section of Development & Programming sub-forum. I also monitor the Security Discussions sub-forum. I try to answer at least 5 unanswered posts a day in the Absolute Beginners Talk sub-form.

Goals & Aspirations

I would like to apply for Ubuntu membership in the next year or so.

Since this page was created, I have put out feelers to see if there was any interest in starting a LUG/Ubuntu users group in my area.


See the Ubuntu Membership thread on the forums:


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