About Me

I have been a Linux user since 2001 and an Ubuntu user since 2005. My area of particular interest is networking and wireless. I participate frequently at in Networking and Wireless and at

Contact Information


I have completed more than 20,000 posts at I have achieved more than 8900 reputation points at I believe that, often, getting a new user connected to the internet is one of the most important steps that help to influence whether that new user will be happy with Ubuntu and continue or disappointed and quit. I strive to do so with politeness and respect. I also strive to show others by example, how to do the same.

I love to research and find a method to get new wireless devices working in Ubuntu. I am excited by emerging technologies such as 802.11AC.

I am the author of a guide to selecting the correct driver for known Broadcom devices in use at both and at

Future Goals

I will continue to provide the best answers I can and, ideally, solved threads at both sites.


My wife and I love to travel, especially in the American Southwest. I also enjoy photography and maintain a Flickr page:

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