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Hi everyone, I'm Luca Ciavatta aka cialu, I am from Ravenna, Italy, but I dream to live in Berlin. I'm passionate about IT, tech, Linux and the Open Source World, so I try to spread this wonderful verb as I can.

I have studied Environmental Science at the University of Bologna and I'm also a qualified IT technician. I like to learn and I'm also a hobbyist-developer. I used many operating systems, but none satisfy me completely, so I switched to Ubuntu and loved it!

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  • AskUbuntu:
    I answer questions on AskUbuntu, vote up/down stuff and gain Karma through interaction with other users. At all, participating in this community, increase my Ubuntu/Debian knowledge and experience.

  • Bug Report:
    from May 2015 I contribute to bug reports of Ubuntu operating system and applications. Collect and retrieve useful information for developers to solve the various problems that arise.

  • Chiedi:
    I started participating in Chiedi at October 2015, creating an account on the portal, and trying to help other users by answering their questions. Obviously, often and willingly, I also try to solve my many doubts. For international users, Chiedi is a sort of Italian AskUbuntu.

  • Design:
    I have participated in several editions of the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase, contributing with graphic images, photographs and drawings, made or elaborated through opensource tools such as GIMP and Inkscape. In older cases, I also used proprietary solutions such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. During the cycle for the release of Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark, one submission of mine was selected and became one of the default wallpapers of the distribution. I am also having fun in creating and editing graphics themes for various Linux DE shell. As for Ubuntu, I have created and maintained AmbianceDF, a theme based on the classic Ambiance, but modernized with tones of different and lively colors. All the shades, except the characteristic blue of the theme, have been taken from the color palette of the Ubuntu Design brand.

  • Membership:
    Officially, at the present, I only received membership from the italian SocialMedia group, from the Ubuntu Wiki Editors and from Launchpad Translators.

  • Promotion:
    from June 2016 I started to follow closely the activities of the Promotion Group and from October 2016 I am part of the SocialMedia group as editor for the Italian newsletter and Ubuntu news blog.

  • Testing:
    since January 2014 I started using Ubuntu on a stable basis on some machines, testing installations, applications, and systems.

  • Translation:
    from May 2015 I contribute to the Italian translation of programs in Ubuntu following the guidelines of the Team Translators - Italian Team of Ubuntu software. More generally, through Launchpad and the Launchpad Italian translators group, I try to help you translate everything that is needed.

  • Wiki:
    Since October 2015 I have been interested in the documentation, creating some updates for pages regarding new releases. My contributions were initially scarce and basic, but with time I started to edit better, to translate guides from English and to produce content.

As my main contributions are in Italian, they are listed on my Italian wiki page:

Ubuntu IT blog articles

Ubuntu IT documentation

Ubuntu IT newsletter articles

Ubuntu IT support

Reported bugs

Launchpad translations

Italian wiki

Future Goals

Contribute to Ubuntu as I can. I'm also interested in contributing to Ubuntu as a Developer.


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