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I am Carlo Lobrano, a Software Engineer from Italy. I am an Ubuntu user since 2007, when I almost bricked my first notebook during the installation, and a community contributor since 2015 with a patch on Snappy. Since then, I kept contributing to Ubuntu and the Open Source world in different projects.

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  • The project to which I contributed the most is surely Yaru. I have been involved since the beginning in 2017, with development (here when the project was called Communitheme), bug triaging and design/discussion on the Community HUB.

  • I am responsibile for the promotion of the snap package from the edge to the stable channel, which I did weekly for the first 5 months, until the first official release of the theme in Ubuntu 18.10. Later on the releases came out about once a month.

  • I had a little part in the ubuntu-themes and snapcraft with some patches.

  • Finally, here are some small and less small fixes on GNOME projects Calendar, Nautilus and Desktop-Icon

Future Goals

  • Keep working on Yaru,
  • Contribute also to some new project, closer to my experience as software developer (I am a fake designer Smile :) ),

  • Take personal contact with the people of this Community, which I only know through the Internet at the moment.


I will be very grateful to anyone who wants to support me to get the Ubuntu membership leaving some lines below. Thanks a lot!

Didier Roche (didrocks)

Carlo has been a pillar in the new ubuntu theme. Without him, we would surely not have been able to deliver such a stunning new Yaru design, which gives a fresh an unique feeling to the ubuntu desktop image since 18.10. He clearly succeeded in the original Yaru project: having a theme lead by the entire community, and this is in great part thanks to him. In addition to this, he has always been a very great person to communicate and work with.

I strongly support him in becoming an ubuntu member, this is fully deserved. Great work Carlo and keep it up! Smile :)

didrocks - 2019/03/25

Will Cooke (willcooke)

I've worked with Carlo for years on community projects such as Yaru. He was instrumental in the delivery and quality of the Yaru theme and has been very active on the community discourse site. He has mentored other community members and is always professional in his interactions. He sets a great example for others to follow and Ubuntu is much better off for Carlo's support and input. Carlo should certainly be an Ubuntu member.

-- willcooke 2019-07-09 10:37:06

Iain Lane (laney)

I don't have much to say in addition to what Didier and Will already have - so let me just leave a +1 here. Good luck.

-- laney 2019-07-15 10:17:31

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