Hi Reader!

I'm a French independent Developer, Trainer and Technical translator, living in the South of France.

Since I switched to Ubuntu in November 2007, I try to help for its wider adoption.

Member of the French LoCo Team, and some others Teams on Launchpad, I mainly contribute via advocacy, translation, and documentation.

For more details about me, please continue reading here.

Contact information


Future Goals

  • Help deliver more and more translated content to French speaking Ubuntu users.
  • Gain more visibility to spread even more Ubuntu.
  • Observe how the Ubuntu Project will be able to stay on top of the curve while continuing to respect upstream projects, GNU/Linux developers and users, and all the various contributors to the Open Source ecosystem.

Testimonials for Membership Application

  • Your appreciation of my work will be greatly appreciated.
  • Bernard Opic has been providing high-quality translations of the Ubuntu Security Notices for our French-speaking users since April 2009. His excellent translations has inspired the security team to add a USN Translations section to our wiki knowledgebase: Security Team Knowledgebase -- Marc Deslauriers mdeslaur

  • Bernard Opic provided SpreadUbuntu with greater tenacity than many of the others who have helped. He targeted important strings better, and was very helpful in notifying my about strings that could not be translated. Dozens of translators have translated French and other languages before him, yet he is the only one to ever point out the problem. He has also been quite helpful by collaborating in general discussions. Evan Boldt edb82189

  • Bernard has showed real commitment and dedication in order to translate a lots of information into French, giving the possibility to the vast majority of French readers to have a better overview of the Ubuntu life (USN, SpreadUbuntu, ...). For a few weeks he is also involved in the development of our website, joining our web team. I am happy to support his application to become an Ubuntu Member. Christophe Sauthier, leader of the French LoCo christophe.sauthier


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