Using C++11 in Ubuntu

The new C++ standard, commonly referred to as C++11, offers a wide range of useful functionality that helps in writing more stable and more maintainable code when compared to the previous C++ standard. While adoption of the C++11-standard is encouraged in general, there are some issues that have to be considered by projects & project maintainers.

As of gcc 4.9, the C++11 ABI offered by g++4.9 and the corresponding libstdc++ is not stable across toolchain revisions. While the amount of changes is not overwhelmingly large, ABI breaks still can happen and might require a rebuild of projects using C++11, as well as their reverse build dependencies. As entire archive rebuilds in case of toolchain updates are not feasible, we instead propose the following mechanism to make sure that changes to the toolchain defaults do not break components in the archive.

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