About Me

  • My Name is Eslam Mostafa, i am from Soahag, I study in commerce faculty although i am fond of programming. I am an opensource lover, i am fully enthusiast about linux community and opensource applications, always support linux users and encourage other to use linux and other opensource substitutions. I have worked on a lot of linux distros like Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mandriva, Arch Linux and of course Ubuntu.

    I am an active member on many Facebook groups like "Ubuntu-eg" and "Linux Community", Also i am the creator of "Arch Linux Egypt" and "المصادر المفتوحة". Python/Gtk are my life right this moment, i am writing applications and contributing in opensource projects.

Contact Information




<cseslam AT gmail DOT com>


Personal Blog


cseslam on irc.freenode.net


Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Become an Ubuntu-eg member.

    Ubuntu To become a GNOME member.

    Ubuntu Spread GNU/Linux and opensource applications.

    Ubuntu Become a Linux Administrator.

    Ubuntu Contribute in gnome's and zeitgeist's projects.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

  • Eslam is a very enthusiastic person. I never met him in person but we became friends really quick. He showed interests in organizing a release party for Precise at his home town and actually succeeded. He's continuously learning and appreciates opensource and free software concepts. In a small period of time he learned Python/GTK, python packaging, Debian packaging plus he contributed code for the Zeitgeist project. So it's a +1 from me Smile :) Ahmed Toulan

  • Eslam is a very active person. He helped me a lot to solve problems and to learn Python/GTK, and also helps others. He was the first one to organize a release party in his city, and to held sessions about opensource. I hope he became an Ubuntu member, he'll be a great addition. --Nadeen Spirit

  • Eslam is a Python/GTK+ super programmer, He's very active, He always wants to help other people, He wants to learn more, He have done 2 awesome projects Tahrir and Do More, He did an awesome work in the Gnome-Clocks project, He did some work for the Zeitgeist project, He can do debian packaging, also He have done alot of development in indicator-prayer-times project with me, We have formed a very good team together, and we have been involved in a project named Moratel and we are still unitl now working on it, I really reccomend him to be an ubuntu member, and +1 from me. Keep the good work up bro Smile :) --Mohamed Alaa

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