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My name is Chris Woollard. I'm 33 years old, I am a Systems Administrator at Greater London Authority in London, United Kingdom. My interests include Linux, Scripting, Cycling, Music and I am a Hospital radio presenter in my free time.

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Ubuntu Manual Project (UMP)

I am a keen participant in the Ubuntu Manual Project. I can usually be found fixing bugs, editing text, translating (UK English) or helping out in the #ubuntu-manual IRC channel on Freenode.

So far I have worked on two releases of the manual and I look for forward to continuing this for the foreseeable future. Hopefully we can make the manual the best it can possibly be.

With the Lucid release of the manual, I took responsibility for ensuring that bugs were fixed and that the manual was ready for release as per the release schedule. I have also scheduled meetings and send out information to the mailing list.

I have updated the wiki with missing information and helped make information easier to find.

Ubuntu One Music Store

I have beta tested the music store before it was released and will continue as the project progresses into future releases. I have logged several bugs, and I have also remotely participated in the project at the Lucid UDS. I have also had discussions with various people on the team about future enhancements.

Advocating Ubuntu

I can always be found promoting the use of Ubuntu. Either at my place of work or to anybody that will listen. I have also managed to get Ubuntu to be the distribution of choice for my company's website.

I have also installed Ubuntu on various peoples computers as a better and more secure alternative to the more traditional operating systems Wink ;)

Ubuntu Developer Summit

Hopefully one day there will be a summit in London or the United Kingdom. I would love to go. I have remotely participated in a some Ubuntu One meetings for UDS-M.

My Future

  • Continue helping out wherever possible with the Ubuntu Manual Project.
  • Continue to learn more skills so that I can help out help out with software projects
  • Alpha and Beta test upcoming releases, report and triage bugs
  • Make Ubuntu the best it can be!
  • Maybe one day work for Canonical.

Aside from Ubuntu

When I'm not helping the community, I'm usually reading books, listening to music, designing something or being the sound engineer in my church!


Chris does a great job on The Ubuntu Manual, always hanging around and fixing bugs or working on some other aspect of the manual. He has been a great help while we have all been working hard to get the Manual bug free. -- Ryan Macnish

Chris is a very active member of the Ubuntu user community, and does a very good job of publicising Ubuntu, and aiding its adoption in business. -- Matt Barker, Canonical

Chris has worked very hard on the Ubuntu Manual project, helping to edit the manual reading it over and over he must know some off it off by heart. He also fixed a lot of bugs for the 10.04 second edition and was the driving force behind getting it released. He is always helpful in anyway he can, and I look forward to continue working with him. -- Luke Jennings

Chris took a lead role in editing the second edition of Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04. In addition, he has been active on the mailing list—both in assisting new project members find their footing and driving many of the conversations and decisions required to complete the second edition. He has brought a new vitality to the project and I hope his involvement continues. —Kevin Godby

Chris has been very helpful in regression testing the Ubuntu One service and identifying and researching bugs. He has assisted with our roadmap for the future by contributing ideas to enhance the overall service. Chris has also played an increasingly prominent role in the Ubuntu Manual project. -- Matt Griffin, Canonical

Chris has done an excellent job working on the manual for both Lucid and Maverick. He's fixed countless bugs, done great editing work and he's always in the channel or mailing list ready to help which is amazing considering he has a full time job. I believe he would make a valuable addition to the Ubuntu members. -- Benjamin Humphrey, Ubuntu Manual Team Lead

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