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Introduction and a little bit about me

Well , since you decided to visit this page hi! On the Internet I usually go by the alias dangertux, but if you'd prefer a real name you can call me Adam. I respond to that usually :-P

I am a pretty laid back guy, usually a family man. I have a wife and two beautiful children whom I adore. Professionally I'm an Information Security Consultant. No, it's not as exciting as it sounds and to be honest, I'm always open to doing new things in my career. I spent 6 1/2 years in the United States Army working in the Military Intelligence community, so when I became a civilian again it seemed natural to gravitate toward Information systems and technology. It's what I've known for a long time.

I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia, which is coincidentally where I was born and raised. Though one day I'd like to become more adventurous and see new things again. Understandably, I am a little hesitant since the last time I went to "see new things" I ended up seeing a whole lot of desert.

My history with Linux , Ubuntu and Open Source Software

I wasn't always a Linux geek. In fact at one point when I was much younger I was a die hard Windows fan (I know... I know...). As I got older and more mature in my learning I started beginning to become curious in Linux and other Unix like operating systems. My very first Linux distro was Mandrake 6. I installed it on an aging machine when I was about 13. I quickly moved from that to Red Hat, which at the time was still free, and there was no such thing as Fedora or CentOS yet.

I quickly was drawn into the Open Source community, and the learning experience associated with it. During this phase I went through pretty much every Linux distro I could get my hands on and a few flavors of BSD.

When I joined the military after high school (and a brief stint in college). I was exposed to more Unix like Operating Systems. Say what you will but the U.S. Army has a thing for Solaris, why I'll never know, but they do. During that time I frequently was using Windows based systems as well. So it was never something I really forgot about, it was always there.

However, given my choice I much prefer Linux. At the moment, Ubuntu happens to be my favorite distribution. It's all we use around my house, I've even gotten my wife to adopt it (I love her for this...and other reasons too!). In my current job I am often exposed to a variety of technologies and many different platforms. This excites me, my favorite thing about technology is the opportunity to learn something new at every turn. I am a firm believer that we never stop learning, and if we do we gave up somewhere along the line.

My contributions to the Ubuntu community

One thing that has truly drawn me into the Ubuntu community is the community itself. It seems there is an open and sharing spirit there. One that I came to appreciate in my early days of using Open Source software, and one that of late seems to have disappeared in some communities. It seems some communities have begun to cater towards elitists and egoists, that's not really my thing.

That being said, I don't have a huge list of accolades and contributions yet in the community. I try to share my knowledge where possible and help individuals I can on the Ubuntu Community Forums. The reason I am making this wiki is actually as a sort of "launch point" if you will for some of the knowledge I wish to share, also as a "I have arrived" type symbol. I have many tutorials (mostly loosely scribbled notes that need refining) that I plan to share in the coming days and weeks. I hope they may be of use to someone. In any case I had a great time learning as I wrote them and experimenting with different technology.

Tutorials I've Written

In Closing

If you would like to leave a comment by all means, please do so. If you want to chat about Linux, Open Source software, or whatever I am always looking to meet new and interesting people, and learn from them. Hopefully, they can learn from me as well. Thanks for visiting my wiki page!


Dangertux is an extremely knowledgeable Ubuntu Community Contributor, and i always enjoy reading his interaction where applicable on the Ubuntu forums, as well as interacting in a personal manner keeping me sane. As i myself also work in the Information Security field it is valuable for me to be able to network with such an informed individual and i value his input at every level. Regards-haqking

Dangertux helped me figure out my home network. He took his time with me. Was able to explain things better then anyone else has bar none.I was able to learn great amounts of knowledge in a short amount of time.I always see him giving out great advice. From The Forums to IRC . It has been a great honor to chat with Dangertux And to also gain knowledge from him. Thanks for everything. JosephMills

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