About Me

I am Danial Behzadi from Iran. I am a member of Ubuntu-ir, the Persian LoCo team of Ubuntu. We manage the Persian Community of Ubuntu there by preparing the Persian Website of Ubuntu (Ubuntu.ir), Persian forums (forum.ubuntu.ir), Persian wiki (wiki.ubuntu.ir), Persian IRC channel (#ubuntu-ir on freenode), etc.

I use GNU/Linux since 2003 and Ubuntu is my prime Operating System since Gutsy Gibbon. Through these years I found Ubuntu (and Free Software in a bigger vision) the best and only logical choice for countries like mine, so I tried to spread it through my country and I think they were efficient tries too. So I went to the second step and wanted to have a completely Persian Operating System to encourage people who doesn't know a lot about computers to use Ubuntu as their OS. So I joined to the Persian translation team of Ubuntu which was kind of inactivated those days and begin to translate the user interface of Ubuntu in first place.

To make these localizations reach to more people, I joined to the Gnome Translation team as a upstream of Ubuntu and we translated 78% of Gnome Desktop User Interface till today (http://l10n.gnome.org/languages/fa/gnome-3-6/ui/).

I am also a member of Tehran LUG (thelug.org) and Free Software Users Group of Iran (fsug.ir)

My Launchpad Link is: https://launchpad.net/~dani.behzi

Contact Information


danialbehzadi on freenode


dani[dot]behzi on Ubuntu




Ubuntu Persian Translation

Gnome Persian Translation

Ubuntu Local Community

Future Goals

Spread the culture of Free Software in the world.

Make Ubuntu fully Localized for Persian Users.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here Smile :-)

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