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About Me

First computer was a Commodore 64, enjoying lots of games on it and a few Basic programs. Things have moved on since then, currently working as Systems/Network Administrator in Barcelona, Spain. Even though my career has been mostly with Windows, I am very impressed with Ubuntu and trying to implement it and promote it when ever and where ever possible.


Hi all. I started using Ubuntu when version 9.10 was released after reading an article online. Years before that I had a short spell with Mandrake and even though it got me impressed by Linux it never caught on. This time after downloading and trying Ubuntu it was a different thing. It caught on immediately, including with my girlfriend which is an impressive success. Smile :) Soon after that I joined the forum and started to help people mostly in the Installation section. I was still new to Ubuntu but with plenty IT background so it was not difficult to help in many cases especially with partitioning advice.

During the years and with more Ubuntu experience it was getting easier to help people and I also started to get involved in the Server subforum and making my own steps into Ubuntu Server.

In April 2012 the company where I currently work took my advice to use couple of Ubuntu Server 10.04 servers as gateway/firewall solution instead of a hardware firewall device. They are very happy how it is working and protecting us from attacks.


Future Goals

The goal remains to advertise Ubuntu to the world and help with its installation. Especially to companies where it can do a better job compared to the systems they have in place and provide cost reduction on top of it.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

I have enjoyed knowing Darko on the forums for over 2 years now. I can confirm his accounting of his recommendation of Ubuntu Server to his employer, as we PM'ed and emailed back and forth on the Pro's and Con's of their requirements and what really made sense.

He has been actively helping Ubuntu Forum users for over 2 years. He is knowledgeable about how Ubuntu should work and what to do if it is not. He conveys an accurate translation of what a user should do in a way that is respectful to that user and the user's skillset. I love assisting on the forums with him there and trust him to help users I am working with as he is a welcome asset to community help and support and he possesses the skills to step in knowledgeably without missing a beat.

He is responsive and timely to Ubuntu Forum user's needs and follows those needs through completion. I am honored to meet him on the forums and to consider him since as not just an acquaintance, but as a friend.

Mike Ferreira; Ubuntu Forums, Launchpad and Ubuntu Wiki UserID: MAFoElffen; Ubuntu Member

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