About Me

My name is David Coronel and I joined Canonical in May 2016 as a Technical Account Manager in the Support & Technical Services team. I have over 12 years of sysadmin experience and am driven by new cloud technologies and platforms.

Contact Information


* Member/contributor to Launchpad since April 12th 2016

  • Is a member of over 280 Teams, most notably the Canonical Support Team
  • Reported multiple bugs

* Canonical employee since May 2016

* Made contribution to upstream sosreport in hardware module

Future goals

Continue to improve myself and evolve in the Ubuntu Community while always staying respectful of others. Continue to share my knowledge and value teamwork. Always be open to discussion. Always work towards making Ubuntu the best OS for the public cloud.


I’m very pleased to recommend David to become a Ubuntu member. David join Canonical a year ago in the support organisation and he quickly and easily found his place within the organisation. He is very motivated, always has a good attitude and driven by his willingness to learn and improve. Over the past year, I saw David participating in many aspects of Ubuntu such as reporting bugs when he find them, ... and most recently I saw David starting to take the lead on some bugfixing with some guidance & mentoring from my part. One thing I have in mind is the contribution commit b45ed8e he did for the upstream sosreport project in order to make it available in Ubuntu once merged. He also did a lot of significant work in other sphere of Ubuntu (documentation, ....). David will definitely be a good asset for the Ubuntu member team. -- slashd

I've worked with David for over a year now here at Canonical and he integrated very well from the very beginning. He is a motivated fast learner and he is contributing to many aspects of Ubuntu. For example, bug reporting, documentation, mentoring..etc. He would be a valuable Ubuntu member and I fully support him with his application. -- alexmoldovan

I am pleased to +1 David's Ubuntu membership. David is very active in Ubuntu, from launchpad to community events and conferences, championing the use of Ubuntu everywhere. -- markthomas 2017-12-20 00:15:41

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