Dave Walker

Launchpad:..https://launchpad.net/people/davewalker e-mail:............<davewalker AT ubuntu.com> e-mail:............<davewalker AT skydivers.co.uk> IRC nickname:.....Daviey on Freenode network Physical Location:.......Devon, England, UK.

Linux Usage History:

Began experimenting with Slackware during 1999 (v4).

Experimented with Ubuntu, December 2004 (Warty).

Solely used Ubuntu April 2005 - Present.

I first tried Linux with 'Slackware' back in 1999, but with very little support it was not possible to fully convert. It took me a while to realise that Linux was more than just a console. I was relieved when a friend showed me 'startx'. At that point I realised that Linux could be a viable desktop OS, and I knew that eventually I wanted to fully convert. I didn't feel comfortable fully switching to Linux until April 2005 - and in honestly, haven't missed the proprietary system I once used.


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