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My name is Robert. I have been using Ubuntu since the summer of 2010. I live in the central United States. My initial introduction to Ubuntu, and linux in general, came about from when I was given an old machine and after it sat in a dark corner for some time, waiting to be recycled, I decided to try learning something about computers. So I went on-line and found the Ubuntu home page, downloaded a fresh copy of 10.04(initial release) Burned it, and installed over the old Windows which was the machine. I remember when I first installed, I reinstalled, because I did not think it suppose to install as fast and smooth as it did. From the get-go, Ubuntu has always worked for me. There on, I decided to expand beyond Ubuntu and spent a few months hopping through the rite-passage, which is distro-hopping. None of the other system ever ran as well, or had as few of problems, as Ubuntu. So I decided that Ubuntu would be my system of choice. I feel it was the right one for me. I'm not a "techie", just an everyday guy who happens to like and run Ubuntu.

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I try hard to provide help to new and advanced users over at the I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to helping others. My primary desktop is Unity, so I tend to lean toward support questions related to it.

Future Goals

My future goals are to keep helping others as much as I can. I have been mulling building a mythbuntu system. I want to learn more about servers, as I primarily run desktops.


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I have been aware of deadflowr on the forum for some time. In this time I have grown to appreciate the depth of knowledge and the willingness to share that is exemplified -a founding principal of the forum. deadflowr is always cheerfull and a willingness to help and guide is his hallmark. deadflowr has my full support in his goal to advance. I am sure the good work will continue.

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