Personal Information

Name: Demetris Terlikas

Nationalities: Cypriot

Languages spoken:

  • Fluent: Greek, English
  • Good: Spanish


Owns a Company name GO-nethost


  • Promote use of open source software in Cyprus.
  • Promote valuable open source solutions to every human being (that is, as much I can).


I'm an active computer hobbyist that has achieved a level from mere beginner to a truly active problem-solver that can overcome most problems and accomplish most of day's computer work by using GNU/Linux and open source software.

I have been an RedHat user since early 9 version of RedHat ( and still have the CD covers! Smile :) ). I've started my contributions through KERNEL helping at ,KERNEL mailing list then started experimenting with different various contributions.

Main forms of participation:

  • Bug reporting/triaging/Kernel
  • Patches/debdiffs/packaging
  • Helping out in IRC channels as much as I can...

Internet activity

Blog: Who need this anyway.

IRC: demas at Freenode IRC Network ( - demast

  • Actively helping at "Absolute beginner talk" and "General help" forums - demas

  • Actively helping at forums - demas

  • Actively helping at forums (much more active in IRC though)


Currently active in:

  • CypriotTeam - Cypriot Local Community Team

  • Actively participating and helping in: Ubuntu-cy (Cyprus), Ubuntu-gr (Greece)


  • They are coming soon!!!


ID Link:

Mostly active in:

Team Participation:


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