Short Statement of Goals

1. Make discovery of DIASPORA* on the Ubuntu desktop easy. Encourage people to use DIASPORA* to connect with their community. Make discovery of the Ubuntu community automatic, or nearly so.

2. Create a simple way for Ubuntu users to set up their own DIASPORA* pod and host their own social networking data. (This should be as easy as going to Ubuntu Software Center, installing "DIASPORA* Pod" and then answering a few basic questions.)


DIASPORA* represents an important change in the way social networks work. It grants the user control of her data, who gets to see it, and who is entrusted to store it. DIASPORA* grants any user of Ubuntu the ability to host her own "Pod" (which is simply a fancy word for server).

DIASPORA* shares a similar goal to Ubuntu: bringing free software to the masses. It is a natural fit into the Ubuntu ecosystem.


This is purely a proposal for discussion and refinement. None of this specification has been implemented. UDS-P may be our opportunity to begin working on parts (or all) of this.

Pod Integration

The official instructions for installing a Pod are barely achievable by power users, and unachievable by regular humans:

https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/wiki/Installing-on-Ubuntu https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/wiki/Installing-and-Running-Diaspora

We need a recipe/package that makes this super simple.

Possibly Useful Technologies


We should develop a Gwibber module that interacts with DIASPORA*

"FreedomBox" (and similar concepts)

Projects like the FreedomBox and Diaspora are working towards liberating one's social data from Facebook and similar proprietary (sociopathic) services. We should support this idea and ensure that we make it easy to run Ubuntu and DIASPORA* on a FreedomBox.

Ubuntu One

With the liberation of personal data there is a natural requirement to host one's personal data somewhere. Ubuntu One is a natural fit.


OpenStack may be a useful way to host server instance. (Diaspora calls it a "Pod")


Original design and specification: RandallRoss
This specification is incomplete. Want to help?
Your feedback is welcome at diaspora/Comments.

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