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My name is Manuel Muradás. I was born on 1985, so at the moment I'm 24 years old. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I am currently attending UADE to earn a degree in Computer Engineering.

Last two years I've been working as a Python developer for an important information security company. Previous to that I've worked three years programing in .NET.

I've met Linux back in 2003. I was in Senior High school and one of the subjects was about learning basic Linux commands. Teacher was a Mandrake fanboy =). Next year I started using Slackware as a server in an old computer and a Windows-Fedora dual boot on the family computer. I first met Ubuntu in 2005, when Hoary Hedgehog came out, but it wasn't until Breezy Badger that I start using it for real. When Dapper appeared, I was already in love (LOL), using Ubuntu as my main OS, only booting Windows for playing some games.

That's me in my BSOD Windows T-Shirt =) -->>


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