Directed-answers is a blueprint of a new Coccinella feature.


Sometimes, people who are chatting using any instant messaging service write so quickly that they often write a second message before their contact answer the previous one, turning the chat a little confusing.

It'll be a bit useful to have the possibility of specifying what message you are answering to. This way, confussions and misundestandings could be avoided.

Graphic explanation

Let's imagine a chat between two users, the local user is called 'kadede' and the contact is called 'chiibass'.

In this image we can see Chiibass has written two questions in two followed messages.

We only have to press the reply directing button on the right bottom window corner and drag it onto the message we would to reply to.

While the reply directing button is dragged, cursor changes and a warning message is shown.

The message will be sent as a reply to the selected message and it will be shown as an directed answer in both contacts chat windows:

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