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About Me

I have been a happy Ubuntu user since 2011, when I used an Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal CD to replace my brother's virus-infected Windows Vista laptop to prevent it from becoming e-waste. It ran even better when I tried using Lubuntu (it doesn't have a lot of resources). I have enjoyed using, learning about, and tinkering with Ubuntu and Lubuntu ever since.

Ubuntu and Lubuntu are my preferred GNU/Linux distributions. I use Ubuntu for general-purpose computing and as a home server. I use Lubuntu on that (aforementioned) old laptop, which also doubles as a streaming video player to an old CRT TV.



Ask Ubuntu

I have started responding to questions on Ask Ubuntu if I know the answer after hearing Jorge Castro present on "How to Make the Most of Ask Ubuntu" at the Ohio Linux Fest in September 2013. See my profile/answers here.

Lubuntu QA

In January 2015, I joined the Lubuntu QA team, and I've been told that what is most needed right now is bug triage, so I will be trying my hand at that. Please let me know if I am doing things in a sub-optimal way and I will make corrections.

I've also been helping a little with Lubuntu Testing - specifically, ISO Testing.

I've reported or triaged these bugs while working with the Lubuntu QA team.

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Earn UbuntuBugControl Status so that I can be of more help to Lubuntu QA by marking importance of bugs and marking them as triaged.

    Ubuntu Test milestone ISO releases of Lubuntu for the upcoming 15.04 release.


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