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I have been using Ubuntu since DapperDrake in 2007. I previously experimented with a different flavor of linux but was so impressed by the Ubuntu forums that I switched over and have remained a devoted fan ever since.

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  • I have been a frequent poster on the Ubuntu Forums, with my primary focus on helping others on the Absolute Beginners and General forums. I was made a moderator in April 2010. In the spring of 2012, I entered semi-retirement in my real-life job and soon thereafter did the same with my participation on the Ubuntu forums. I am no longer a moderator but update my previous entries on the Ubuntu Forums and contributions to the Ubuntu Community wiki from time to time. Documentation. I come from a non-IT background and develop forum guides and pages on the Ubuntu Forums and Ubuntu Wiki as I identify issues primarily affecting new users. When Grub 2 was introduced the lack of documentation was a motivating force for my creating many threads on how to work with the new bootloader. Eventually some of my work was adopted as the 'official' documentation on the Ubuntu community pages. My speciality appears to be writing Grub guides which leave users shaking their heads...

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Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team / Ubuntu Beginners Team

  • Ubuntu UFBT/Beginners Team

    • I joined the Ubuntu Forum Beginners Team in the fall of 2008, which evolved into the Beginners Team. I was active in the Team's Wiki Focus Group for approximately one year.

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