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Dario Ruellan

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https://wiki.ubuntu.com/moin_static192/light/img/u-star_on.png Using

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS @ HP Envy 14 First Gen

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ElementaryOS Luna @ Asus eeePC 1000H

About Me

39 years old front end programmer and IT professional, with an itch to improve and contribute to each product that falls into his hands. Lives in La Plata, Argentina, coding markup and PHP for a living, wishing he could have more time for pure UX design.

Why here

Contribute, learn!

I love UIs, and Linux is currently the best playground you can have. Sadly, I have not enough time to contribute with more tangible work (coding, design), but I can test things and report back ideas Big Grin :)

Geek facts

  • First computer: Sinclair ZX81
  • Best hardware ever: Timex Sinclair TS2068
  • Close one: Asus eeePC 1000H
  • Time spent tuning the desktop: weeks
  • Timespan OS reinstall: ~4 years
  • Picky?: YES!


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