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 * Xchat howto
   So I keep telling people to come to the New Mexico IRC Meeting, well some people may not know how to, so I wrote this little howto - [http://www.mediamax.com/dthomasdigital/Hosted/xchathowto.odt Xxha Howto open doc]


Hello and welcome to my Ubuntu wiki page, I'm a member of the New Mexico, USA LOCO. I'm the one that makes all the noise and tries to recruit as many members as possible.


David ThomasBR dthomasdigital@gmail.comBR [http://myweb.cableone.net/dthomas dthomasdigital website]BR [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/dthomasdigital dthomasdigital ubuntu wiki page]BR [https://launchpad.net/%7Edthomas dthomasdigital launchpad]BR [http://dthomasdigital.wordpress.com/ My Blog] BR

How to Contribute

Please Join Team New Mexico Go here for more information [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewMexicoTeam Team New Mexico] Next Meeting every Thursday at 8:00pm on freenode irc channel #ubuntu-newmexico

My Ubuntu Projects

Here is a list of my current projects for ubuntu.

Ubuntu Wiki Pages I've updated

InternetRelayChat - changed the #ubuntu-newmexico section added team New Mexico web page link


Every Thursday at 8:00pm MST on Freenode.net IRC #ubuntu-newmexico

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