Erik Espinoza

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Erik Espinoza

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Erik Espinoza

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About Me

Under construction


Under construction


Ubuntu Participation

I'm looking forward to start with


Beginners Team

I am not a member of the Beginners Team yet. I am currently in the process of joinig it and have (insert a name as a master. I wish to join this team because I want to contribute in any way possible and learn more. I aim to become a team member ASAP.

Ubuntu Forums

Guatemala Local Community Team

I'm member of the Guatemala LoCo, just started but will lot of enthusiasm.

Internet Relay Chat

My registered IRC nickname is eaespinoza0. I am looking forward to getting to know the Ubuntu community members better through this medium. I am usually present in the following channels:

  1. #ubuntu-beginner-dev
  2. #ubuntu-beginners-team

Linux User Group (LUG)

Goals For The Future

  1. Become an Ubuntu Beginners Team member
  2. Continue to offer assistance on IRC
  3. Become a experienced person in Ubuntu development so I can contribute more deep in this great project.



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