EASY - Engineering Analysis of Structures made easY

The name of this project on launchpad is easmy. How did that come about? It started of as Structural Analysis that also included Finite Element Method. The feedback on this name was that "structure" could mean so many things, like administrative structure, structure of the human body etc. So the name had to refer to "engineering" and that narrowed the field to engineering structures.

A simple to remember name for the project seamed to be easy, the title of this page. However, for a project on launchpad that name was already in use. So chosen was easmy, short for Engineering Analysis of Structures Made easY.

Currently the project consists of three branches of code. Under the header of each, listed is its current location and the download command from bazaar v2.0 or newer.

LateX files for StructuralAnalysis.pdf

bzr branch lp:~algis.kabaila/easmy/trunk

This focus development branch has LateX files (*.tex) for generation of the text for StructuralAnalysis.pdf, a text book introducing structural analysis in a form suitable for programming in a computer language of your choice. The examples and the programs that go with that text are all in Python, because of its ease of use and flexibility. The theory presented is complete and requires no previous structural knowledge. Some familiarity with high school mathematics and physics is expected. Whilst the methods and the text are all freshly presented, the plan of the text follows the plan of an earlier work "Basic Concepts of Structural Analysis" by professors A. Hall and A.P. Kabaila 1977, by Pitman Publishing Limited US ISBN 0 470 992131. The second author of this text is also the author of A Short Introduction to Structural Analysis, presented in the StructuralAnalysis.pdf, which is also in the above "trunk" for convenience of reference.

Writing LateX I missed examples where I could compare finished text with the LateX commands. In spite of excellent documentation, this lack of "live" examples slowed the work. I hope that the contents of the above "trunk" will be useful as such an example.

The pdf file is also in the "trunk", but it will not be updated often because of the storage limitations. Also many of the diagrams are not yet uploaded for the same reason.

fem2.py - the development version of the program

bzr branch lp:~algis.kabaila/easmy/fem2

The above branch has the complete and working version of the Structural Analysis program, which is being developed to enable incorporation of other elements as plugins. To run it you will need to have installed one of the Python package for matrix operations. Probably most common is NumPy, which is imported by the program

fem.py - the Legacy version of the program

bzr branch lp:~algis.kabaila/easmy/fem 

Legacy version is now completed. The above Bazaar command will download the branch of the contents of the head of several stages of development of this program, without the history of it. This is my simple migration from Subversion to Bazaar. More details about it in Blueprints.

What is planned RSN

RSN - Real Soon Now this storage of bits of the project of exposing the simplicity of Structural Analysis, including the Finite Element Method, may have a different setup. Alas, the time is limited.

If you are interested and hopefully will take part in the project, please drop me a line on launchpad. My "nick" is "OldAl" for I am really, really old and my given name abbreviates to Al. You may also contact me by email as akabaila [at] pcug[dot]org[dot]au. I would appreciate any contact!

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