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Robert Roth

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About Me

I have first met Ubuntu in 2005, don't remember exactly the release. I liked it, but it had lots of issues. In 2008, it became my primary OS, but still dual-booting with windows for university needs. Recently I use Ubuntu on both of my computers, one still has Windows for emergencies.

I have successfully introduced Ubuntu to a few friends, most of them use it as primary OS now.


My main area of interest is contributing to open-source projects, but I also like watching movies, listening and playing music (guitar and piano), playing board games with friends and taking photos.


I'm a Software Developer working in Romania. I have been working as a Java developer in small development teams, I have done server-side development using various frameworks, I have some client-side Flex experience, and I'm currently working as an Android developer.

I am interested in learning new programming tricks and languages, technologies, frameworks, mostly related to open-source.



Since I have started contributing to Ubuntu about two years ago, I have contributed with translations, bug reports, bug triaging, patches and branches and packaging. In 2011 I have been focusing both my triaging and bugfixing efforts towards package management related tools in Ubuntu. Since November 2011 I am focusing actively on GNOME System Monitor with triaging, bugfixing and getting the fixes accepted upstream.


Hungarian being my mother tongue, I have started contributing by doing translations on launchpad for various projects.


Ubuntu I have participated in some bug days.

Ubuntu I have triaged bugs regularly, depending on the situation weekly, or even daily.

Ubuntu I have followed and helped the papercuts project where I could.

Ubuntu I have reported the bugs I have found on my computers, and occasionally forwarded the bugs my friends have found and told me about.

Ubuntu I have organized a BugDay for OpenOffice and LibreOffice

Ubuntu I got accepted as a member of the Ubuntu Bug Control Team on 2011/03/11

Ubuntu I have been sponsored for my contributions by the QA team for UDS-O and UDS-P (unfortunately I could not attend UDS-P in person)

Ubuntu I have relatively good five-a-day stats (30 days in a row, 12 weeks in a row)


I have contributed with patches to GNOME upstream for various projects, but mostly gnome-system-monitor, to fix ancient bugs reported in Ubuntu, but still existing. I have become the maintainer of GNOME System Monitor in Ubuntu, so it has become my main focus for 2012.

I have been working on package management tools used in Ubuntu, I was triaging and fixing most bugs for (and got into the top contributors list for some of) the packages related to this topic, like

Ubuntu update-manager

Ubuntu software-properties

Ubuntu synaptic

Ubuntu software-center

Ubuntu aptdaemon

Ubuntu update-notifier

I have contributed with patches and branches for bugfixes for more projects: gcalctool, jockey, ubuntu-docs, libreoffice, ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu, ubuntuone-control-panel, checkbox, usb-creator-gtk.

I have implemented a simple feature for nautilus elementary, the categorized sidebar with the help and guidance of ammonkey, the main nautilus elementary developer.

Objectives for 2010-2011

Ubuntu DONE (*gnome-system-monitor) Dig into an open-source project deeper to be able to fix bugs and implement new features (FUN!).

Ubuntu DONE (*~50 posts, almost one post a week) I write a blog. I blog about my experiences with ubuntu, ubuntu and development news, and misc thoughts. It's far from being daily, but I would like to post regularly.

Objectives for 2011-2012

Ubuntu Close one bug in GNOME System Monitor weekly (either upstream or in Ubuntu)

Ubuntu I am still writing a blog. I would like to update it with news, development statuses and other stuff regularly (not necessarily daily)


In my spare time I'm developing some simple games in Python (learning the language). My first almost-complete Python game is a minesweeper clone using GTK only, check the screenshots on my blog. Currently I'm working on the next one, a Tetris clone, also with GTK only, and I've also managed to embed pyGame in a GTK window, for building more graphics-intensive games (GTK is not the best for this) later.


UBT Membership

Yikes! I've just had a quick read through of what he does (and his karma score on lp). Deffinately one of the back office people who just 'get on with it'. I have no hesitation in backing up UndifineD's comment of 'He is too good to be a beginner'. I am sure he would make an excellent addition to UBT phillw 3rd June 2011 21:30 UTC

Ubuntu Membership

As per my comments for UBT Membership, I certainly have no qualms for when he feels ready to apply for his full Ubuntu membership. I look forward to seeing his commitment to Ubuntu and F/OSS in general grow. He is an excellent advocate and the amount of time he spends on Ubuntu is amazing. phillw 3rd June 2011 21:40 UTC


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