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I am Yahia Firas apply for ESTI = Ecole Supérieure de Technologie et d'informatique (Higher School of Technologie and Computer science).


Yahia Firas

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Who I am

I'm studying IT ( Software system & Development ).

  • I'm fan of IT Security and computer game.

    Foundater of JokerInfo club on October 2008. Member in AJST .

My Ubuntu story

The story began at 2000 when i buy a new computer with a cd Resotorator including Red HAT, when i tried to switch to windows i met some problem to find the drivers but finally i become user of both, step by step i tried to discover and explore at the same time the linux enviroment. On 2006 with Ubuntu6 . Year after year and comparing to other system, i found that ubuntu is so easy in using and don't make many problems, not but also the people here are fan of ubuntu ( especially) Canonical who send to us FREE CDs of original version

Plans for the future

I want to be an active member and known on ubuntu-tn team

  • I want to create a new Ubuntu-tn team specialized on games which the name is 'Ubuntu-TN Gaming Team' Contribute of the success of the Tunisian Team and participate in the manifestation

What I like least in Ubuntu

The most big probleme not only on Ubuntu but also in all linux distribution, The linux Gamers can not always play games, instead of all programs and environment that have been developped, especially with new games. On Ubuntu we can play the old games that have been released since 2 years that's what make linux gamers to create a partition and install windows to play on and test new games.


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