About Me

Hi there! My name is Fido although some people call me Federico Vera, I'm a Biomedical Engineering student at the National University of Córdoba (Argentina)

Unix Like OSs and me

I started with Unix like OSs when I was 12 (with a non open source distribution; "SUSE 4.SOMETHING"), then I moved to Debian and even though I tried a LOT of distros in my short life I met my all time favorite (Ubuntu of course!) in 2006.

What do I do in my spare time

I'm a C++ coder although most of my work is in (Java, AJAX and Python), and I'm the maintainer of Pictogame.

Ubuntu Contribution

I have reported a few bugs and help solve some, provided a lot of translations specially to Ailurus and SciLab, I try my best providing feedback through the Ubuntu QA Program, and I managed to convert quite a few people to the Ubuntu Universe.

I would like to

Help the Ubuntu and Open Source community in general, improve my skills as a coder in order to find the ultimate question.

Contact Information


Where in the world

Córdoba, Argentina

Launchpad ID



<dktcoding AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>


dktcoding @


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