Ryan Finnie / fo0bar

I am an Ubuntu and Debian hacker with a wide range of personal interests and hobbies. I am a Debian Maintainer (since the creation of the DM program in 2007), and have worked for Canonical as an IS SRE since 2012. I reside in Reno, Nevada, United States.

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  • Ubuntu LTS for Raspberry Pi 2 community developer / maintainer.

  • Upstream Debian Maintainer (package overview). These packages are carried in Ubuntu universe, and I work with Ubuntu MOTU developers to monitor bugs and other issues related to them.

  • Primary developer of Turku, the backup system used on Canonical / Ubuntu infrastructure.

  • Interfacing with Ubuntu community project teams and LoCos as related to sysadmin work.

  • Other Ubuntu bug / MP / builder work as it relates to my Canonical IS position.

Other Projects

  • Finnix, a Debian-based LiveCD for system administrators.

  • 2ping, a bi-directional ping utility with directional packet loss detection capability.

Future Goals

One of the great things about Ubuntu is it is run in such a way that "ordinary" people can make meaningful contributions without being an official member. Ubuntu membership will allow me to continue to enjoy participation in the Ubuntu community as an Ubuntu package maintainer, a Debian package maintainer, and an Ubuntu user. Further possible goals are package maintenance via per-package upload rights, and possibly even broader MOTU contributions to universe in general.


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  • <!-- joey 2015-11-30 17:39:06> I've been working daily with Ryan on a professional level since 2013 and have seen his regular work supporting Ubuntu packages via his Debian maintainer privs as well as his development of Turku. Ryan has worked on a large number of other items in support of Ubuntu community via his role within Canonical's Information Systems department. I recommend him for membership.

  • Not only has Ryan has been instrumental throughout this year in getting Ubuntu running nicely on the Raspberry Pi 2, but his package maintenance, sysadmin assistance and other work in the community have also been invaluable. I'd happily see him granted membership. -- wgrant 2015-12-03 12:46:14

  • I mainly work with Ryan in my capacity as a Launchpad developer, where he's been consistently helpful and efficient, though also before that for various odds and ends related to my Ubuntu development work (livefs maintenance, wubi signing, release turnover, etc.). By the nature of their work sysadmins aren't always terribly visible to the Ubuntu community at large, but they're also invaluable to keeping things running well, and I reckon Ryan is well over the sustained-and-significant level by now. -- cjwatson 2015-12-03 17:20:04

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