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The Holidays last all year, for some people....

This is a wiki page to use for what is described here:

To make a request for something other than what is offered, go to the bottom of the page:

In brief, perhaps some people would like to receive a free ubuntu CD before the holidays, but Shipit may take too long. Some forum users can burn their own CDs and mail them (and pay for the stamp) to those who do not own CD burners or do not have broadband internet access.

Also, it is possible to download extra packages (like Xubuntu -xfce4) and make a CD for those who cannot download them themselves.


As well, some may have some useful things which are collecting dust but may be helpful to others to get Ubuntu up and running.

For example, a stick of 64 Megs of ram may be the difference between someone being able to run the installer and successfully install or not. In North America, we throw away a lot of thing that others may find useful.

Edit this page to enter the email address where you can be reached and to list what you are offering. Remove things from the page as you send them.



I will send an Ubuntu cd to people. This includes Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Edubuntu. I will also make custom-packages cds, if you need.


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