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The Hollidays last all year, for some people....
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To make a request for something, go to the bottom of the page: To make a request for something other than what is offered, go to the bottom of the page:

The Hollidays last all year, for some people....

This is a wiki page to use for what is described here:

To make a request for something other than what is offered, go to the bottom of the page:

In brief, perhaps some people would like to recieve a free ubuntu CD before the holidays, but Shipit may take too long. Some forum users can burn their own CDs and mail them (and pay for the stamp) to those who do not own CD burners or do not have broadband internet access. Also, it is possible to download extra packages (like Xubuntu -xfce4) and make a CD for those who cannot download them themselves.


As well, some may have some useful things which are collecting dust but may be helpful to others to get Ubuntu up and running.

For example, a stick of 64 Megs of ram may be the difference between someone being able to run the installer and successfully install or not. In North America, we throw away a lot of thing that others may find useful.

Edit this page to enter the email address where you can be reached and to list what you are offering. Remove things from the page as you send them.



I will send an Ubuntu cd to five people. This includes Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Edubuntu. I will also make custom-packages cds. if you need.

I also have some hardware such as ram and other things (Really modest, but perhaps useful to someone, see bottom of page)

  • I have sent a few different cds (Ubuntu, kubuntu, edubuntu, The Open cd and custom) to Northbrook, IL 60062
  • Fergus Falls, MN
  • Colonia, Uruguay
  • Derby, KS

I have about 10 x86 cd`s and one ppc. I can send it in EU.

I will send 05 Kubuntu Install Cds to south american users. PT_BR: Enviarei 05 cds de instalação do Kubuntu para usuários da américa do sul. Discs Remaining: 5 Discos Restantes: 5

23b at gmx dot net

Available: 10 Ubuntu 5.10 x86 CDs, 3 Ubuntu 5.10 PPC CDs, 2 Ubuntu 5.10 AMD64 CDs, 3 Ubuntu 5.04 x86 CDs. Custom SLAX CDs shippable on request.

Madpilot - blurdesign at gmail dot com

I will send 2 Ubuntu CDs out to anyone who asks. I've got a batch of Shipit CD sets if you want those, or just a burned install CD - let me know which you want. (Three packs sent out so far - hope they get used!) -- ["Madpilot"]

samtygier at yahoo dot co dot uk

for people in UK i have a few shipit cds left. i can burn more. i live in manchester and have a bike so postage may not be necisary.

also for people in the UK I have some shipit cds left and i live in london

for people in Denmark I have 10 CDs. Kubuntu/Ubuntu X86/AMD64 your choice.

Another Danish one. I have a few x86 and AMD64 CDs available that I'll ship to people in Denmark.

bm_co [at] yahoo dot com

Ubuntu ShipIT CD's


  • 2 for x86 2 for PPC


  • 2 for 64-bit 2 for Mac 6 for x86

Kubuntu Downloaded Version 5.04 for x86

  • Would be willing to burn 10 copies.

Located in Colorado, US.



Add an email address here as well as your request.


I'm new to Linux. I just got my brand new Ubuntu CD ver. 5.10 for pc (Thanks Ubuntu!!!). It's runing like a charm. However, I don't have a high-speed I-net connection to download additional packages. I'd very much appreciate some one burning and sending me a cd with the most popular packages a newbie like me may need. I'm in Utah. Thanks a bunch.

Dear Lucas Spglinard, I'm from Uruguay, I will thanks a lot if you can sendme a Kubuntu CD. Please contact me at my e-mail adress. thanks in advance. Estimado Lucas, Soy de Uruguay, te agradecería mucho si puedes enviarme un CD con Kubuntu. Por favor contactarme a mi dirección de e-mail. desde ya muchas gracias.

=== === request answered Thanks again everyone! I am wondering if someone would be willing to make a Xubuntu pc install cd for me. I am the chair of a small new local non-profit in NW Minnesota that has been using(practicing with) Libranet on refurbished computers with the intent to give them away to people of low incomes. Well, just as we're getting comfortable with Libranet, and getting ready to give away our fist couple machines, we've learned that Libranet has basically closed shop. Now we're looking for something to replace it and I think Ubuntu would be perfect, except that we're using older machines (300-400mhz, 64mb memory) and it is way too slow. I read about Xubuntu on the Wiki and forum, but we are not able to do that much downloading each time we want to setup/test a machine. So, if someone is able to make a Xubuntu pc install disk that would we wonderful. Please email me if you have questions. Thanks for your generosity, and many blessings to you this holiday season!


I have a friend who wants to try ubuntu, but has no way to backup all his files. If anyone has a 15-20gb spare hard drive, it would be appreciated.

My pc that was running Ubuntu (Celeron 635mhz 256mb pc133 20gb cdrw) Just had ram death! Ram don't work no more and I would appreciate if anyone has extra pcs or extra ram pc133 or something please email me. NYC area . Thanks!

I am a student in Australia, running ubuntu on an old pc in my room. Problem is I only have a 3.8gb HDD, I regularly run out of space and cannot boot into X. If anyone had a slightly larger capacity HDD to send me, I would be very appreciative.

I live in kansas, United States of America, and i've been running on windows 98 Second Edition on a network for quite sometime now. I want to switch and learn more in the world of linux. I would be greatful for a nice harddrive no less then 5GBs considering this 2.1gb slave drive i have is very slow and even though i got it for free its likely to fail like the last i tried since i have got them from my Votech class for Computer Maintence which i dont go to anymore since i moved v.v. Thank you very much for your kindness. ~Amber

I live in India. I would much appreciate if someone can send me a ram stick, its a very old computer PIII 550mhz. The RAM will help me install ubuntu. I can give more details if needed, about RAM type, but i really dont know how to determine it, so i mentioned my pc type. Maybe a oldest type of ram available ? Smile :) (Menza says: EDO or SD ram guys :|)

I live in Kolding, Denmark. If anyone from Germany/Norway/Denmark/Sweden happen to have an old laptop they don't use, I'd be more than happy to recieve it for schoolwork, since I really need it - I won't mind paying for transport at all.

I was happy using ubuntu and suddendly one of my ram sticks went out. So now i have 64mb of ram(Thats to low to run Ubuntu). My cpu is 700mhz. So if anybody has unneeden Sdram (Stick says: Sdram p133, whatever that means) i would be more than happy to accept it. And i can pay for the shipping if it doesnt cost a lot of money, im in Lithuania, Europe so shipping wouldnt be hard. Thanks in advance.

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