About Me

My name is David Mohammed also known as "fossfreedom".

I'm an Ubuntu user since Hardy. I am a senior systems engineer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. I do programming as my day-job and as a hobby. I am always interested in learning new things and will throw my hands up for quite readily.

I have signed ( the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Contact Information


  • Community Moderator on Ask Ubuntu. (123,050 rep)

  • Project Lead of budgie-remix - a Ubuntu based distro that has its number one goal to become an official community flavour. -

  • UbuntuForums contributor ( reaching "Ubuntu Cappuccino Scuro"

  • Member of the Launchpad Translators and active contributor of the English (GB) translation group
  • Active programmer of all things Ubuntu - notably Rhythmbox plugins, indicator-sysmonitor (Unity App indicator)
  • Maintain PPAs - the very popular rhythmbox-plugins PPA, rhythmbox and several other PPAs
  • Upstream (Debian) Alternative-Toolbar Debian package and currently pursuing upstreaming of budgie-desktop
  • I blog about all things Ubuntu -

Future Goals

My number one goal for the future is to add "Ubuntu Budgie" as an official community flavour of Ubuntu. Budgie-remix is a ground-up distro based on 16.04 utilising the superb budgie-desktop.

Building a growing community around this new flavour is a challenge - currently building rapidly through G+ ( and Reddit (


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Ubuntu David is one of those guys that is always ready to help, even when he’s busy with something important and will give helpful feedback even without you asking for it... (

Ubuntu Huge +1, I didn’t know you were not already a member otherwise I would have bugged you about it way more often. Looking forward to seeing the process of budgie becoming an official derivative. (

Ubuntu I’ve been using David’s software for years and he has always been approachable, patient and respectful in line with Ubuntu’s Code of Conduct. He is a valuable asset to developers and users alike and like so many existing members he is a great example of the Ubuntu ethos; linux for human beings. (

Ubuntu I know David only from chat contact on, I experienced him as a friendly person who is dedicated to the cause and always helpful. (

Ubuntu fossfreedom is an incredibly smart Ubuntu user who is always eager to share his knowledge with others. Since the beginning of 2012, he has served as a community-elected moderator on Ask Ubuntu. During this time he has demonstrated fairness and impartiality. I wholeheartedly recommend him for membership. ( (Nathan Osman))

Ubuntu David's contributions as an elected moderator on have been consistently helpful. He's made the site a better place by providing good content as well as guidance. His membership is long overdue. Smile :) ( (Stefano Palazzo))

Ubuntu As solid a contributor to the Ubuntu community as you'll ever find. David has put the most sustained effort into moderating on Ask Ubuntu, to the point he's starting to put the rest of us to shame. Will make Ubuntu better. Seriously though, stop reading this and approve his membership. -- oli 2016-06-10 13:00:17

Ubuntu I've known fossfreedom from chatting on since 2012. He's a keen Ubuntu user who is always willing to help, and share his knowledge with others. He’s very professional, and deserves to be a member. ( (Mitch)

Ubuntu I met David on Ask Ubuntu back when I was a very new user, and then later as I joined him on the moderation team. He has always been kind, helpful, and cool; even when dealing with problem users. Besides his answers and moderation on AU he has made many important contributions to Ubuntu, including his rhythmbox plugin work and budgie desktop. I highly highly recommend him for membership! -- sethj 2016-06-22 03:47:38

Ubuntu fossfreedom is one of those users who have played a very significant role in help shape up Ask Ubuntu to what it is today. Some of his answers are nothing short of extraordinary and he somehow managed to outdo himself after becoming a moderator too. It's a privilege to have been a part of the mod team with him and I think it's about time he actually becomes a Ubuntu member. -- barneedhar 2016-06-25 09:23:48

Ubuntu David is a friendly guy and visits Ask Ubuntu Chat a lot. He is a good moderator on AskUbuntu. And he has a good knowledge about coding and Ubuntu as we can see on both his personal blog and launchpad account His Budgie desktop for instance is proof of his skilsI have nothing bad to say about him other then that he should have already applied for Ubuntu membership a long time ago. (

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